Getting through Mother’s Day as a Childless Woman


UK and Ireland have their version of 'Mothers Day' (it's called 'Mothering Sunday') on March 19th 2023. With International Mother's Day coming up in May, we hope this helps you too. Both of the recording below were offered from our hearts in the hope that by sharing the strategies that we've each developed over the years, we can help you to naviage the complex emotions and triggering situations of this very multi-layered holiday with more ease.

As this is one of the most difficult days of the year for many childless not by choice women, over the years we have created many resources to support you. Below are two of the webinars we’ve recorded in the past. Please also remember that our wonderful, private online community ‘Lighthouse Women’ offers support all day, every day, and every Mother’s Day. Click here to access/join.

In the above recording, I was joined by Judy Graham (Womenhood Counselling) and Sarah Roberts (The Empty Cradle) both from Australia, and Karin Enfield de Vries (formerly Gateway Women’s Operations Director, now Founder of Pure Transformations in Benelux). Each of us has deep professional and personal experience of supporting childless women to heal their childless hearts and find new dreams for their life other than motherhood. We really hope in this video we offer ways to support and empower you to make your Mother’s Day just a little bit easier. Both Judy and Sarah are licensed Gateway Women Reignite Weekend Facilitators and together they run them in Australia (dates and details here). You can find out more about them, and links to their work, here.

In the second recorded webinar (above) I was joined by Karin Enfield de Vries (formerly Gateway Women’s Operations Director and now founder of Pure Transformations in Benelux), Kristine Mallett, an experienced Gateway Gatherings Host and licensed Gateway Women workshop facilitator from the USA (next one here),  Tanya Hubbard, a Registered Canadian coach and counselor, and Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle, the founder of the award-winning French-Canadian site, a therapist and a licensed Gateway Women Reignite Weekend facilitator (in both English and French, details here). Between us, we have a great deal of professional and lived experience of supporting childless women to make sense of their lives and their place in the world, and we really hope that in this conversation we can help you to unravel some of the complexities of Mother’s Day.

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