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Nicola Foster for ‘The I’. 14 Dec 2023. (behind paywall; click here to read text)

Everyday ABC Australia, article by Kellie Scott: 5th September 2023

De Standaard Newspaper, Belgium: 12 Aug 23  PDF Dutch  PDF English

Newstalk Breakfast Show (Ireland), 25 July 2023: Interview with Ciara Kelly

Dr Jolanta Burke & Dr Trudy Meehan article for The Irish Times, May 3 2023

‘Ask Anita’ column by Anita Chaudhuri for The Guardian, 4 May 2023

Jumoke Fashola interviews Jody Day for BBC Radio London, 25 April 2023

Article by Nicola Slawson, The Guardian, 7 April 2023

Nicola Forster Column, The i Newspaper, 7 April 2023

Article by Mary Cate Smith, The Irish Examiner, 26 Dec 2022

Jody interviewed by Sangita Myska on LBC Radio, on being childless due to singleness, 11 Dec 2022

Jeremy Vine interviews Jody Day, BBC Radio 2. December 2nd, 2022

Lynette Faye interviews Jody Day: 15 September 2022

RED Magazine (UK) September 2022 – Lighthouse Women Online Community

Stephen Jardine Show, BBC Radio Scotland, 6 July 2022 (listen again expired) 

Jody Day interviewed by James Hanson on BBC Radio Bristol 5th July 2022 (link expired)

Jody Day featured on LBC Radio 4th July 2022 

Jody Day talks with Sangita Myska on LBC Radio in response to Paul Morland’s article ‘Should We Tax the Childless’ featured in The Sunday Times on 3rd July 2022 (available on catch up for 6 days after airing, Jody’s segment begins at 1hr 21 mins in).

Southern Star – 5th April 2022 

‘Breaking the Silence of Childlessness’ by Emma Connolly

Jennifer Stevens article, The Irish Examiner, 29 January 2022

Documentary on Newstalk – January 2022 

‘Childless’ by Hilary Fennell

Irish Independent – 16 January 2022 

‘I learned that shame is what keeps the taboo alive today’ – tackling the stigma of childlessness

The Guardian – 13 October 2021 

‘It is devastating’: the millenials who would love to have kids – but can’t afford a family

Article by Anne Lora Scagluisi for Vanity Fair, 30 August 2021

BBC Radio London – 15 August 2021

Jody Day interviewed by Sangita Myska on ‘Menopause and Lunch Corner’

Interview starts at 02:20:07 for 8 mins

Tutum Journal, Issue 2, Summer 2021

‘Reframing Old Attitudes to Old Age Without Children’ by Jody Day


Breakfast TVNZ – 29 April 2021

‘Shining a Light on Infertility’

Sensitive Evolution – 9 April 2021

‘Letting Go Of Certainty’ by Jody Day

The Times 29 March 2021

‘My sister hasn’t been able to have children and lives in an obsessively controlled time warp’ (pdf)

The Telegraph14 March 2021

‘What 10 years of listening to childless women has taught me’ by Jody Day

Psychology Today10 January 2021

‘A Fireside Chat with Childless Elder Women’ by Kate Kaufmann

HuffPost14 December 2020

‘How Christmas Feels Different for Single People in 2020’

The Psychologist – 12 October 2020

Dr Petra Boyton’s article recommends

Gateway Women as a support option for those childless after babyloss.

The Guardian – 3 September 2020 (quoted several times)

Jody Day interviewed by Jane Garvey on Woman’s Hour, 18 August 2020 (starts at 25mins)

Sensitive Evolution January 2020:
‘Grief: The Undervalued HSP Superpower’

The Telegraph – December 2019:
‘My grief over never having children hurts more than the death of my parents’

Cheshire Live November 2019:
‘Chester Storyhouse event exploring childless life hailed a triumph’

Crunchy Tales – November 2019:
Childless by circumstance: how to find meaning outside of motherhood’

The Mail – November 2019:
As Goldman Sachs offers fertility treatment as a perk…
should employers help staff freeze their eggs?’

The Telegraph – November 2019:
‘Why I don’t regret not having children’

France 24: The 51% August 2019:
‘Mum’s not the word: Why childless women are stigmatised’

Stuff (New Zealand) January 2019:
‘Women childless by circumstance shamed and misunderstood’

The Telegraph – January 2019:
‘I don’t regret my abortion even though I never became a mother’

Metro November 2018:
‘Can you get over not having children when you really wanted to have children’

Positive.News – September 2018:
‘Accepting life without children’

Grazia – August 2018:
‘Can We Stop Making Motherhood the Defining Feature of a Woman’s Existence’

The Huffington Post – April 2018:
‘The Fear of Childlessness Not By Choice’

Kate on Thin Ice – March 2018
Tackling the isolation of Infertility – walking in our shoes’

The Guardian – March 2018

 ‘From older mums to the happily childless: what does Mother’s Day mean today’


The Childless Life – November 2017

 ‘The Day that  changed the world’

Tommy’s guest blog – July 2017

 ‘Childlessness After Miscarriage: the Untold Story’

Tommy's guest blog

TEDxHull March 2017

 The Lost Tribe of Childless Women

[above] March 2017: Jody Day ‘The Lost Tribe of Childless Women’ TEDxHull 2017

The British Medical Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health – July 2016, Vol. 42, Edition 3. Book review by Susan Quilliam of Jody Day’s ‘Living the Life Unexpected’

BMJ cover
Click on image to read PDF

The Jewish Chronicle (UK), Thursday 14th July 2016  

‘Don’t judge us for being childless’ Sarah Bronzite

The Telegraph (UK), Saturday 18th June 2016  

‘The One Show’s Alex Jones on facing the truth about her fertility’ India Sturgis

The Telegraph 18.06.2016

THE TELEGRAPH (UK), Friday 27th May 2016  

‘Having IVF eleven times made me feel ashamed, delusional and terribly lonely’ Jessica Hepburn


BICA (UK), Spring 2016 Journal of Fertility Counselling 


STYLIST (UK), May 2016 ‘Never mind your hormones,finances or career – it’s friendships that are at risk when you have a baby 

THE BAY OF PLENTY TIMES (AUS), Tuesday 3rd May 2016 ‘Inside Story: Living Childfree’ Gerri Peev

Bay of Plenty Times
Bay of Plenty Times Inside Story: Living Childfree


Life Without Baby Monday 18th April 2016 ‘Living the Life Unexpected: A Conversation with Jody Day’ Lisa Manterfield

RED Magazine (UK), April 2016 issue: “I’m Finally Happy Not to be a Mother” by Jody Day (p.211-212)

RED Magazine cover, Jody, April 2016
Click to view PDF of article

RADIO 4 (UK), Sunday 6th March 2016  ‘Alone and Together’ Sunday Worship Mothering Sunday

THE DAILY MAIL (UK), Sunday 6th March 2016  ‘Give childless women an ‘Aunties Day’, says MP Liz Kendall’ Gerri Peev


THE DAILY MAIL VIDEO (UK), Sunday 6th March 2016  Blogger Jody Day opens up about ‘denial’ over childlessness 


THE DAILY MAIL (UK) Sunday 6th March 2016  ‘Forget mums and celebrate the genuine stars… aunties!’ Liz Jones


BBC RADIO LONDON (UK), Friday 4th March 2016  The Jo Good Show

Starts @ 02:14:00 and then at 02:41:25 the first caller is a GW.

RED MAGAZINE (UK), Wednesday 2nd March 2016  ‘What Mother’s day feels like when you’re childless’ Brigid Moss

THE INDEPENDENT (UK), Sunday 28th February 2016  ‘Why being a childless woman is rarely a simple case of choice or infertility’

Fertility Matters, by Kate Brian: Saturday 27th February 2016 ‘Great New Book by Jody Day’

Fertility Matters, Kate Brian review of LTLU

THE INDEPENDENT (UK), Friday 26th February 2016  ‘As the stars line up to thank their mums at the Oscars, spare a thought for the childless woman’ Janet Street Porter

The Tablet (The International Catholic News Weekly), Thursday 25th February 2016: ‘The notion of one soulmate is at the root of a lot of dissatisfaction in our world’ by Joanna Moorhead

The Tablet, 27 Feb 2016

THE TIMES (UK), Monday 22nd February 2016  ‘Mothers assume childless women have white sofas and loads of money’ by Stephanie Marsh

THE DAILY MAIL (UK), Sunday 21st February 2016  ‘The clock was ticking, and I didn’t realise that it had probably stopped for me’: One woman’s story of childlessness in a ‘mummy-mad’ world by Liz Hoggard

BBC RADIO 4 (UK), Women’s Hour, Thursday 18th February 2016  Jody Day interviewed on the Facebook ‘motherhood challenge’ and the fetishism of motherhood

BBC RADIO SCOTLAND (UK), The Kaye Adams Programme, Thursday 4th February 2016  (segment starts at 2 hrs 14min)  Jody Day interviewed on ‘Grandchild Hunger’ the domino affect childless couples have on their own parents

U.S. CATHOLIC (US), 5th FEBRUARY 2016 Women Full of Grace 

MASHABLE, FEBRUARY 2016 The Facebook ‘motherhood challenge’ leaves out a lot of people 

TELEGRAPH (UK) 16th January 2016 The generation who may never be grandparents

ES MAGAZINE (UK) 15th January 2016 ‘If all else fails take a nap’ Jody Day

ALICIA ORRE, NOVEMBER 2015 ‘My miscarriage story: finding happiness in childlessness’ by Alicia Orre

CHURCH TIMES (UK), 1st May, 2015 ‘Health: Blessed, but not with a Child’ by Rachel Giles

BBC RADIO 4 (UK), ‘Woman’s Hour’, Monday 26th January 2015 Jody Day interviewed on the inaugural ‘Ageing Without Children Conference’

Segment starts @ 20:15 – segment starts @ 20:15

BBC BREAKFAST TIME TV (UK), 14th January 2015 Jody Day, Kirsty Woodard & Robin Hadley of on ‘Ageing Without Children’ - Segment starts around 2mins – Segment starts around 2mins

SUNDAY (NZ), Sunday 14th December, 2014 “Jody Day has accepted being childless in a motherhood-mad world” by Yvonne Van Dongen

Sunday cover (NZ)
Front cover article of ‘Sunday Magazine’

THE DAILY EXPRESS (UK), Thursday 4th September, 2014 “I’ve learned to accept my childlessness – why can’t you?” by Amanda Revell Walton

I've learned to accept my childlessness, why can't you?

The Culture for Bioethics and Culture Network (USA), 2nd September 2014 “The Other Option: To Remain Childless?” by Christopher White

Culture for Bioethics and Culture article

THE INDEPENDENT (UK), Thursday 28th August, 2014 “Like Jennifer Aniston, I am no less of a woman because I am childless” by Rachael Lloyd

The Independent - Rachael Lloyd on Jennifer Anniston, August 28, 2014 screen grab
The Independent – 28th August 2014 – Rachael Lloyd

BBC RADIO 4 (UK), Friday 15th August 2014 ‘A Family Without A Child’ radio documentary

BBC NEWS WEBSITE (GLOBAL), Friday 15th August 2014 ‘When Childless Isn’t A Choice’ by Sangita Myska

BBC News Website - When Childless Isn't a Choice by Sangita Myska, August 2014

MAIL ONLINE (THE DAILY MAIL) UK, 15th August 2014 Helen Burke speaks of her Plan B for a life after infertility and failed IVF by Caroline McGuire

Mail Online - Helen Burke story - 15 August 2014
Daily Mail – 15th August 2014

THE TELEGRAPH (UK) ONLINE, 15TH AUGUST 2014 Why, aged 40, I’m finally happy to be a NoMo (that’a a Not Mother)’ by Rachael Lloyd

Telegraph - Rachael Lloyd - August 2014

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING (UK), JUNE 2014 ISSUE ‘Inspiring Women’ feature

GH - June 2014 PR JPEG
Click image to read PDF version

THE INDEPENDENT (EIRE), 26th JUNE 2014 “Facebook is ‘self-harm’ for childless women”

UK WOMEN MAGAZINE (DORSET), MAY 2014 ISSUE ‘Take 3’ Inspiring Women feature

Women Dorset - June 2014
Click image to load and read

THE SUNDAY TIMES, 27th APRIL 2014 Gateway Women mentioned in Sarah Kate Templeton’s interview with Sally Cheshire, new Chairwoman of the UK’s HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority)

Don't bank on IVF

THE TIMES, 24th APRIL 2014 Jody Day quoted in Rosemary Bennett’s piece on new report that shows the the UK has the third highest rate of childlessness in the OECD

FRANCE 24 TV – THE 51% SHOW Annette Young interviews Jody Day on this show about ‘the women who are changing our world’ – Jody Day segments @ 03:55 and 11:06


THE GUARDIAN, 2nd APRIL 2014 Anne Perkins responds to Jody Day’s “Today Programme” Interview

Comment is Free


BBC RADIO 4 “THE TODAY PROGRAMME” 2nd APRIL 2014 Jody Day 4-min interview on being childless in the workplace


MACLEANS MAGAZINE (CANADA): MARCH 2014 ‘The n0-baby boom” by Anne Kingston

Macleans - The No Baby Boom


THE GUARDIAN, 15th JANUARY 2014 Suzanne Moore: ‘Having or not having children should not define or divide women

Suzanne Moore article - The Guardian - Jan 2014


PROSPECT MAGAZINE (UK) 14th JANUARY 2014 Serena Kutchinsky interviews Jody Day ‘I’m childless, single, middle-aged and infertile, and it’s fine’

Prospect - Serena K - Jan 2014


PSYCHOLOGIES MAGAZINE (FEB 2014 issue) Bibi Lynch on ‘Writing the Next Chapter’

Gateway Women in Psychologies Magazine


THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED – 3rd JANUARY 2014 Review of Jody’s book ‘Rocking the Life Unexpected’

RTLU Review Road Less Travelled - Jan 2014


BBC R4 WOMAN’S HOUR – 24th DECEMBER 2013 Jody interviewed by Jane Garvey on “Childlessness at Christmas”

Woman Hour - Christmas


Q with JIAN GHOMESHI – CBC RADIO – CANADA – 19th DECEMBER 2013 Jian Ghomeshi interviews Jody Day on “Christmas can be tough for the childless by circumstance”

Q Interview - Childless at Xmas


LIFE WITHOUT BABY – 16th DECEMBER 2013 Video Interview: A Cup of Tea with Jody Day

Cup of Tea - Lisa and Jody


THE GUARDIAN – 13th DECEMBER 2013 Childlessness is a political, as well as deeply personal, issue. By Jody Day

Guardian article - Dec 2013



BICA Journal - 2013


FEMINIST TIMES – 28th NOVEMBER 2013 Zaha Hadid or Ann Widdecombe: What’s Your Ideas of the Childless Spinster?

Feminist Times - article grab
Jody Day for the Feminist Times – 28 October 2013


BBC ACTION LINE – 8th NOVEMBER 2013 Gateway Women selected as a resource for the BBC Action Line to support viewers and listeners to the BBC on issues that might affect them.

Gateway Women a resource recommended by the BBC
BBC R4 Action Line for Woman’s Hour, 8th Nov 2013


BBC 100 WOMEN CONFERENCE – 25th OCTOBER 2013 Jody Day selected as one of 100 women chosen to represent women’s voices today

100 Women - Who Took Park


BBC 100 WOMEN CONFERENCE – 25th OCTOBER 2013 Is Motherhood a Barrier to Equality? Live Panel Discussion

100 Women Motherhood Debate


BBC WORLD SERVICE ‘OUTLOOK’ Jody Day on her experience of childlessness and why adoption isn’t as simple as people often presume Tuesday 22nd October

Outlook World Service
Interview starts at 34:36


BBC RADIO 4 ‘WOMAN’S HOUR’ – JODY DAY INTERVIEWED BY JANE GARVEY “Jody Day on the Grief of Childlessness” Tuesday 1st October 2013

Woman's Hour - Jody Day on the grief of childlessness


JODY DAY’S BOOK ROCKS THE CHILDLESS LIFE Childless by Marriage (Sue Fagalde Lick) review of ‘Rocking the Life Unexpected’ by Jody Day – 1st October 2013

Full page review by Sue Lick, Childless by Marriage



The Road Less Travelled – 7 September 2013

Road Less Travelled - Sep 2013



“Interviewing Jody Day was one of the most moving and heartening interviews says Josephine Pembroke. She is brave, funny, honest and compassionate. After years of wanting a baby Jody had a breakthrough moment. She had to be honest with herself and face the fact that motherhood will never happen to her…”

Radio Gorgeous (London) – September 2013

Radio Gorgeous - Jody Day - Sep 2013


BBC Radio Wales (UK) – 22nd August 2013 


Gateway Women on BBC Radio Wales
Interviews in two parts: (1) starts at 1hr 38m (2) starts at 1hr 56m, 43s


CHILDLESS WOMEN FIGHTING FOR BETTER RIGHTS Jody Day on ‘Sunrise’ Breakfast TV (Australia) – 19th August 2013

Jody Day on Sunrise Screenshot
3-min live interview:


WHAT IS THE ‘CULT OF MOTHERHOOD’? Jody Day interviewed on Deise AM (WLR FM Ireland) – 6th August 2013 (Starts at 10mins 42 seconds)

Deise AM Radio Interview - Jody Day - 6 August 2013
Interview starts at 10mins 42 seconds


Jody Day in discussion with Rosie Millard on BBC R5 LIVE Breakfast Show – 4th August 2013


BBC R5 Live - Sunday 4 August Interview with Jody Day
Segment starts at 1hr 24mins. Clip available until Sunday 11 August 2013



Daily Mail, work-life-balance by Polly Dunbar, Mon 29 July 2013



The Oxford Times, Julia Martinez exhibition, June 16, 2013


Helen Gent interviews Gateway Women Community member – The Guardian, 9th March 2013 BEING CHILDLESS BY CIRCUMSTANCE ON MOTHER’S DAY 

The Guardian, Mother's Day 2013 (crop)


JODY DAY ON ‘SOCIAL INFERTILITY’ Maybe No Baby by Katherine Baldwin in The Sunday Times 24th February, 2013

Sunday Times - 24 Feb 2013


JODY DAY TALKING CHILDFREE & MORE ON DREAM CORNER La Vie Childfree by Laura Carroll 2 November, 2012

Dream Corner on La Vie Childfree


WHEN CHILDLESS MET CHILDFREE Jody Day interviewed on Dream Corner Radio by Viv Oyolu 31 October, 2012

Jody Day interviewed by Viv Oyolu on Dream Corner Radio


THE GUARDIAN ‘COMMENT IS FREE’ Julia Gillard and the fear of the childless woman, by Jody Day 26 October, 2012

Julia Gillard and the fear of the childless woman


THE DAILY MAIL It’s NOT my fault that I missed the chance to become a mother by Megan Lloyd Davies 20 September, 2012

It's Not My Fault I missed the chance to become a mother - by Megan Lloyd Fox - Daily Mail


HUFFINGTON POST (Death by Cupcake: The Fetishization of Motherhood by Jody Day 3 September, 2012 UK) 

Death by Cupcake - Jody Day - Huffington Post UK - 3 Sep 2012


SELINI INSTITUTE (US) Turning Our Wounds into Wisdom by Jody Day 28 August, 2012

Selini Institute (US) Turning Our Wounds Into Wisdom by Jody Day


CONFUSED.COM REPORT Friendships, Finance and the Future: The Rise of Singledom in the UK June 2012

Friendship, Finance & The Future - The Rise of Singledom in the UK - with quotes from Jody Day of Gateway Women


SUNDAY TIMES STYLE MAGAZINE Kids: Who Needs Them? We NoMos – Not Mothers – Are Out and We are Proud, and We’re Busy Making Our Own  Friends and Support Networks by Sally Howard 6 May, 2012

Kids, Who Needs Them? Article in Sunday Times Style Supplement featuring Gateway Women by Sally Howard


THE HUFFINGTON POST (UK) Surviving the Childless Weekend Blues by Jody Day 5 April, 2012

Surviving the childless weekend blues - Jody Day - Huffington Post - 6 April 2012 -


BLOG MENTION: LIFE WITHOUT BABY Lisa Manterfield chooses Gateway Women as one of the top 7 blogs in the world for childless / childfree women 19 March, 2012

Life Without Baby, March 2012


GULF NEWS Childless, but not Alone by Jody Day 3 March, 2012

Gulf News - Childless, but not alone - Jody Day - Gateway Women - 3 March 2012


THE GUARDIAN “FAMILY” SECTION: I may not be a mother – but I’m still a person. Interview with Jody Day by Helen Carroll 25 February, 2012

Guardian - 25 Feb 2011 - Interview with Jody Day - Founder - Gateway Women -


DAILY MAIL Baby Goggles Syndrome by Katherine Baldwin 29 December, 2011

Gateway Women in Daily Mail article by Katherine Baldwin, 3 March 2012–women-let-hunger-family-wreck-chances-finding-love.html


FACEBOOK GROUP MENTION Families of Two: Childfree & Beyond (Laura Carroll) 3 October, 2011

Families of Two, Laura Carroll Facebook Group, 3 October 2011


From Forty With Love (London, UK) 15 September, 2011

Blog extract from 'Filling the Void' (15 Sep 2011) on 'From Forty With Love' by Katherine Baldwin
Extract from ‘Filling the Void’ (15 Sep 2011) on ‘From Forty With Love’ by Katherine Baldwin


Maman Non Merci! (Quebec, Candada) Translation by Google 26 July 2011

Screenshot capturing blog entry from 'Maman Non Merci', 26 July 2011


From Forty With Love (Katherine Baldwin) ‘Strength in Weakness’ 8 July 2011

Gateway Women mentioned in Katherine Baldwin's Blog 'From Forty With Love'. Entry titled "Strength in weakness" July 8, 2011


INTERVIEW: Jody Day | 26 April 2011

Jody Day of Gateway Women interviewed on - April 26 2011


BLOG: Just As I am Experiment 14 April 2011

Gateway Women mentioned on 'Just As I am Experiment' Blog, 14 April 2011


Women Social Innovators watch 7 April 2011

Women Social Innovators, 8 April 2011
Women Social Innovators, 8 April 2011

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