A little bit of history

Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women, started the first Gateway Women Online Community on Google+ in 2012, moving it to MightyNetworks in 2019. In July 2022, it changed its name to Lighthouse Women, a name chosen by the community, and as part of the generational handover by Jody Day to the new stewardship of Katy Seppi. In August 2023, with the support of community members, it became the Childless Collective community, to make it easier for childless women looking for support to find it, and to align better with Katy’s other projects within the childless community globally.

Having created and hosted the community from 2012-2022, Jody is still very much a part of the Childless Collective. As well as offering support and mentorship behind the scenes to both Katy Seppi and Community Manager Sonia Suman, she is also the Host for two very active sub-groups within it, ‘Childless Elderwomen’ (for members 50+ looking for support around elderhood without motherhood) and ‘Nomo Club’ (for members of all ages who are through the storm of childlessness and are embracing ‘the life unexpected’).

And now that Jody is no longer responsible for the truly humungous amount of work behind the scenes it takes to lead and manage an online community of this size and tenderness, she is able to focus on completing her next book (a novel, featuring a childless heroine of course!) and developing her emerging Gateway Elderwomen project. She also remains an Ambassador for World Childless Week and a tireless global spokesperson for women without children in media and podcast interviews, through her writing and at online and live events. You can find out more about Jody’s work and how to contact her here.

What’s the Childless Collective community like?

Under Katy’s skilled and gentle hand, all of the things that made the Gateway Women online community known, loved and trusted have remained the same, particularly its very careful application and vetting process for new members, its commitment to offering reduced or donation memberships to anyone who needs one and very careful moderation of all aspects of the community. Taken together, all these things go towards making the community a safe harbour for childless women when compared to the often very rough waters of ‘normal’ social media.

Excitingly, the Childless Collective has also added innovative ways for members to connect with each other including many more member-hosted subgroups (including for childless singles), the subgroups offered in Italian, Spanish, French, German & Dutch, and a much-expanded offering of (and support for) local in-person member gatherings across the world (UK, Ireland, Europe, US, Canada, Australia & NZ), some really great fun member events focused around cooking, crafts, creative writing and other activities, as well as a really impressive lineup of guest webinars from leaders in their fields on topics as ranging from friendship skills to aspects of personal growth. There are more initiatives in the pipeline too!

How much does it cost?

The Childless Collective community, as Gateway Women did, offers a one-month free trial when you join, after which there is a sliding scale of membership fees, including a donation level (all with the same level of access). This means that whatever your financial circumstances, you can come and join this wonderful global group of women. No one is turned away for financial reasons; the support this space offers is just too important for that. If you have any questions before or during your membership, please email Sonia Suman, the Childless Collective Community Manager at All the details on pricing, etc in various currencies can be found here.

Find out more, join or access the Childless Collective community.

Is it right for me?

As it was with the Gateway Women online community, the Childless Collective community is for women and non-binary people who are permanently involuntarily childless for any reason at all. This means that you have given up (or are in the process of giving up) any chance of becoming a biological or adoptive mother. Childless stepmothers are welcome, and there is a member-led subgroup on this topic. If you’re wondering if the community is right for you, please email the Community Manager Sonia, who will be happy to answer your questions, at

The Childless Collective community will not be suitable for you if you are childless by choice (childfree), trying to conceive (TTC), planning or going through fertility treatments, still hopeful of meeting a partner and having children together (or hopeful that your current partner might change their mind), considering or going through the fostering or adoption process, or are struggling with secondary infertility. There are lots of other great online groups that would be a better fit for you and you can explore Gateway Women’s list of resources here and World Childless Week also maintains a list.

It is also respectfully requested that you do not join the Childless Collective community if you are a childless coach, therapist or service provider currently offering, or planning to offer such things as workshops, events,  groups or communities, etc (either free or paid) for childless women. If you are unsure whether it would be appropriate for you to join, or if you have a project you’d like to collaborate on, please email Sonia at and she will be happy to advise on the next steps. And should you wish to be added to Gateway Women’s list of recommended therapists and coaches, you’ll find that here. World Childless Week also maintains a wide-ranging list of resources here.

And of course, if you an old member who is thinking of returning, or just to want to say hello again, you can always drop Jody a line directly at 
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