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For December’s session, we are gathering around the Zoom Fire to unpack ‘The Power of the Role Model’ for those of us ageing without children. Who are they? Where the heck are they? How do we find them? How do we become them? And why is all this so important?! See full details of panelists and the topic here and register for free here


 [Above] Watch September 2023's World Childless Week special edition of Fireside Wisdom Session onas we unpack and push back against the 'You're So Lucky to Not Have Kids!' comment. Full panellist details, Jody's Eldering Reading List and links here.

 [Above] Watch June 2023's Solstice Fireside Wisdom Session on what it means to be/become a 'Radical Old Woman'. Full panellist details, resource slides and links here

[Above] Watch March 2023's Equinox Fireside Wisdom Session on the fiery topic of 'Mothers & Daugherss'. Full panellist details, resource slides and links here

[Above] Watch December 2022's Solstice Fireside Wisdom Session on the topic of 'Renewal.' Full panellist details, resource slides and links here

[Above] Watch September 2022's Fireside Wisdom Session "Letters to our Younger Selves" for World Childless Week 2022. Full panel details and links here

[Above] Watch March 2022's Equinox Session of Fireside Wisdom:‘Childless vs. Childfree: A false binary that ageing without children subverts?’ Full panel details and links here

Childless vs. Childfree nomocrones

[Above] Watch December 2021's Fireside Wisdom Session on 'Spiritual Malnutrition'. Info and full panelist deatils here

[Above] Watch September 2021's World Childless Week edition of 'Fireside Wisdom with Childless Elderwomen' on 'Leaving a Legacy'.

 [Above] Watch June 2021's Fireside Wisdom session on how the liminal in-betweeny time of being partly in and partly out of the pandemic has much in common with the experience of other things we’ve been through. And how the tools we learned from our childlessness (and other griefs) can be helpful to draw upon in these times

 [Above] Watch March 2021's Fireside Wisdom session for our usual blend of taboo-busting, truth-telling, wisdom and laughter! 

[Above] Watch December 2020's Fireside Wisdom session for 90-mins of truth-telling wisdom, laughter and fireside tales to close the year.

[Above] To watch the video and/or read the transcript click here  To find out more about the 'Ageing Without Children' themed day of World Childless Week, click here

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