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Katy Seppi from The Childless Collective interviews Jody Day on ‘Finding Meaning’, July 2020

Jody Day takes part in The NotMom Conversation with Karen Malone Wright & Laura La Voie: 13 Sep 2020
Watch this and other ‘Not Mom Conversations’ on YouTube


November 2019:  ‘Coping with Holiday Expectations’ webinar
Hosted by Heather Whiffin from More to Life (the involuntary childless support wing of Fertility Network UK).
Click the image above or this link to watch and get some actionable tips on how you can make this holiday season less stressful for yourself.


September 2019: World Childless Week  – Finding Acceptance Day – Jody Day interviews Professor Cristina Archetti on her forthcoming (2020) book and research on “Childlessness in the Age of Communication: Deconstructing Silence.”




December 2018: “Reflect & Renew” – a 1-hr webinar This is a recording of my ‘Reflect & Renew’ Webinar from 29th December 2018 in which I talk about the feelings that come up at this ‘in-between’ liminal moment in the year, and how to cope with them. Also questions from viewers on coping with difficult questions, friendships, self-care, grief work, ageing as a childless woman, childlessness in the workplace and more!
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SEPTEMBER 2018: My 30-min ‘Facebook Live’ reflecting on #WorldChildlessWeek 2018 and with appearances by Steph Phillips and Berenice Smith from WCW


SEPTEMBER 2018: ‘Finding Acceptance & Moving Forward’ – a 1-hr webinar for World Childless Week


JULY 2018: ‘Working Through the Grief of Childlessness’ – a 1-hr webinar for ‘More to Life’
Fertility Network UK – “More to Life” page


APRIL 2018: A recording of my live webinar and guest conversations for The We Are Worthy Summit on ‘Coping With Other People’

APRIL 2018: A recording of my live webinar and guest conversations for The We Are Worthy Summit on ‘Creating Your Plan B’

MAY 2018: My interview (+ chat + music) with childless writer and journalist @BibiLynch on @RadioSoho. Talking about #PronatalistPrivilege and my memories of Soho in the 80s. A great example of what funny, frank childless women REALLY talk about…
















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  1. Thank you so much for you comment! I am 63 years old and I have no children at all and I started to talk about my situation. And because of your comment I see that I am not alone. Thank you s0 much! It doesn’t change the situation and the depression that often comes along but I see now that I am not alone.

  2. Jody, I am 74 years old and was never able to have children, I have grieved all these years. I love children and I had a day care for many years also did some private care. I’m doing better than what I was, I went into deep depression and my husband could never understand, he had 2 children by his first wife. I’m so glad I found your site. Thank you so much.

    • I was childfree by choice with my husband in 1974, then decided to get pregnant at 31 yo in 1981 for 2 unsuccessful years. Gave up and still married 43 years later. Never ever easy, but so happy I found this group. It’s been a delight.

    • Judith – I’m so glad you found us too. I’ve often heard from women whose partners already have children that they can feel alone in their grief. We have a wonderful private online community too where you can connect with other women who share that experience. Hugs, Jody x

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