[Watch free] ‘What Does Meaning Mean to You?’: Jody Day in conversation with Katy Seppi at the 2023 Childless Collective Summit



Today is Day 3 of the amazing Childless Collective Summit and I’m looking forward to your feedback on my talk, which is scheduled to go live today at 3pm UK / 10am Eastern time (as do all the other talks for Day 3 of the Summit). So far, the talks and presentations (there are 36 of them!) have been amazing, and there are also live sessions and an online popup group for those people who are seeking more connection. Register free here

My talk, ‘What Does Meaning Mean to You?’ is a deep dive into the topic of meaning, something very dear to my heart, as the meaninglessness that I encountered as part of my childless journey was real ‘dark night of the soul’ territory. And from my many thousands of interactions with childless women over the last 13 years, I know this to be a core challenge each of us has to address as we navigate our identity as people without children in an overwhelmingly pronatalist world.

In my presentation, I share a key tool I created to help analyze what meaning means to YOU, and how you can take tiny steps towards it. I’ve put a lot of love, soul-searching and energy into this, and I really hope it’s useful to you – it’s been very helpful for me to revisit this territory too, as meaning is never a one-and-done kind of thing… in fact, it’s a lifelong quest and is absolutely at the core of what it means to be human – whether we are childless or not.

Each day’s talks are available to watch free for 24 hours by registering at: https://bit.ly/cc-summit23 and once you register, look out for an email from katy@childlesscollective.com (check your spam too) with links to access all of Day 3’s talks and events for free. You’ll also get info on how to purchase a ‘Pace Yourself Pass’ which gives you access to ALL the content and lasts a year.

And if this is a topic that interests you, you might like to download a free chapter of my book ‘Living the Life Unexpected’ here and/or listen to a recent podcast interview I did with Andrew G. Marshall on his ‘This Meaningful Life’ show!
And if you haven’t already RSVP’d, do check out the two free webinars I’m hosting in December – one on ‘Reclaiming Your Childless Festive Season‘ on Friday 8th December and the December Solstice Session of ‘Fireside Wisdom with Childless Elderwomen’ on Wednesday 20th December: both are free, live and recorded and if you register, I’ll sent out the recording the following day by email.
Hugs, Jody x
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