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World Childless Week 2018 – Men Matter Too – In September 2018, World Childless Week included a whole day of programming for childless men called Men Matter Too where you can read blogs, articles and videos created by and for childless men. World Childless Week will take place for the 3rd year in 2019 from 16th-22nd September


Academic research into issues of male childlessness
Support groups for childless men
Articles about the male experience of childlessness
Father’s Day
Blogs by childless men
Books about male childlessness
  • Glenn Barden (2014). My Little Soldiers.
    UK: Createspace
    A novel which tells a bittersweet romantic comedy about male infertility.
  • Eds. Lynne van Luven and Bruce Gillespie (2008). Nobody’s Father: Life Without Kids.
    Canada, BC: Touchwood Editions.
    This book contains 25 first-person essays from men without children; some by choice, many by chance. It is a rare glimpse into the way that men experience childlessness and precious for that.
  • Sheridan Voysey (2013). Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings.
    USA: Thomas Nelson.
    A memoir about the year-long sabbatical that Sheridan and his wife took in Europe as they attempt to draw a line under ten years of failed infertility treatments. This is an excellent book for couples grieving childlessness to, although those who do not share the author’s Christian faith may find it heavy going at times (but still worthwhile!)
  • Sheridan Voysey (2019). The Making of Us: Who We Can Become when Life Doesn’t Go As Planned
    UK: W Publishing
    Picking up where Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams Into New Beginnings left off, Sheridan helps us process what we can learn about our identities in the face of disappointment and change. Life had not gone according to plan for Sheridan Voysey and his wife, Merryn. When infertility ended their dream of becoming parents, they uprooted their lives and relocated from Australia to Oxford, England, so Merryn could pursue her professional goals. But the move meant Sheridan had to give up his well-established career in Christian radio, and though he was experiencing some success as a writer, he couldn’t reconcile his expectations for his life with the reality he was living. Lost and directionless, he came to a sobering realization: I don’t know who I am. Following the example of many a seeker, Sheridan decided to pair his spiritual journey with a literal one: a hundred-mile pilgrimage along the northeast coast of England. Inspired by the life and influence of the monk Cuthbert, who was among the first to evangelize northern England in the 600s, Voysey and his friend DJ travelled on foot from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to Durham, where the famed Lindisfarne Gospels were on display. What makes us who we are? What shapes our hopes and dreams, and how do we adjust when things don’t go as we hoped? Can we recover if we make a choice that’s less than perfect? Voysey tackles these questions and others as he deftly weaves together Cuthbert’s story, the history of early Christianity in England, and his own struggle to find his identity and purpose. His introspective writing leads readers to consider their own stories and reflect on how God calls each of us to an identity bigger than any earthly role or career. Part travel memoir, part pilgrim’s journal, The Making of Us is a quiet story including a chapter-by-chapter reflection guide of trust in God’s leading for our lives, no matter where our paths take us.
  • Nicolette De Ridder, and Nick W. (2013) Just The Two of Us: Giving New Meaning to Our Lives Through Dealing with Infertility. UK: Epubli.
    This book is about coping with infertility as a couple. The authors went through a variety of fertility tests and treatments including IVF and ICSI. After six years they pulled the plug and decided it was time to move on and lead a life not ruled by planning around cycles, hormones and fertility attempts. They both wanted their normal lives back but found it hard to grieve over a loss that was not tangible. In this book they both talk openly about all their fertility treatments, coping strategies, adoption procedure, giving up hope of having a family, grieving process and eventually their acceptance of infertility. This book tells the story from both a female and male perspective.
Film/video about the male experience of childlessness

Short film about the male experience of fertility treatments/childlessness by Rod Silver

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