European resources

  • Gateway Women Benelux
    Karin Enfield de Vries, Gateway Women Operations Director, runs the Gateway Women Benelux site with face to face meetups in Antwerp and Brussels, with Zoom Meetups during the pandemic. If you would like to arrange a European meetup, please contact her directly at
  • Femme Sans Enfant Meetup (Paris, France)
    Organised by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle, the Founder of the Canadian site this is a regular Paris based meetup. I met the organiser of the Meetup at a UK event in 2016 and she was lovely, so do go along! (Both French and English speaking women welcome).
  • Books about miscarriage, grief and childlessness in French
  • Spain (Barcelona): La Vida Sin Hijos (Life without Children) is a website and support group in Barcelona, Spain, created by Gloria Labay, a childless midwife.

Please let us know in the comments below if you know of any other resources in this area that we might include.

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