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How do I meet other childless women in person?

Gateway Women has been hosting ‘meetups’ around the world for over a decade. All of these now run via the Lighthouse Women Online Community (formerly the GW Online Community) and you can find out more and access them here.

How do I connect with other childless women online?

  • Lighthouse Private Online Community on MightyNetworks. (Global) The first month is free, after which there’s a modest monthly/annual fee or reduced/donation memberships for those who need them. All applications are vetted for member security and privacy. Click here for more info/to access.
  • ‘NOMO TRIBE’. This is a private online community for those women who have ‘graduated’ from the main Gateway Women online community by virtue of the fact that they are through the worst of their grief and are now actively embracing the life unexpected! Open to all members who feel that they are in a ‘good place’ with their childlessness these days and would like to connect with like-minded women. You will need to join/access the main Lighthouse Women Mighty Networks community first and then navigate to ‘groups’ and ‘Nomo Tribe’. This group is hosted by Jody Day and meets monthly on Zoom at times that work for all our global members.
  • World Childless Week maintains a list of support groups here

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