Connecting with others

How do I meet other childless women in person?

  • Join the free, private Gateway Women meetup group in your country and come along to an event. And if there isn’t an event near you, you can suggest one. You need to be a member of first, then apply to join one of our free, private country groups.

How do I connect with other childless women online?

  • Gateway Women Private Online Community on MightyNetworks. (Global) To apply for membership of the ‘best online community for childless-by-circumstance women’ (that’s a review, not me!) click here. The first month is free, after which there’s a modest monthly or annual fee or free memberships for those who need them. All applications are vetted for member security and privacy.
  • Gateway Women ‘NOMO TRIBE’. This is a private online community for those women who have ‘graduated’ from the main Gateway Women online community by virtue of the fact that they are through the worst of their grief and are now actively embracing the life unexpected! Open to all members who feel that they are in a ‘good place’ with their childlessness these days and would like to connect with like-minded women. You will need to join the main Gateway Women Mighty Networks community first (if you’re not already a member to clear the ID check and then click to join ‘Nomo Tribe’.
  • The Dovecote Community (UK): Kelly da Silva runs a closed Facebook group for involuntarily childless women (No TTC talk). There’s also a new community, Dovecote for Men:
  • Life Without Baby (US) A wonderful private online community run by Lisa Manterfield, author of the award-winning, ‘I’m Taking My Eggs and Going Home’.
  • Childless Stepmothers (UK) Being a stepmother can be very challenging, being a childless stepmother uniquely so. This UK-based internet forum describes itself as ‘a sanctuary for women thrown into an instant family of often angry ex-wives, resentful stepchildren and guilty or mourning fathers’.
  • Childless Mothers Connect (CMC) and Childless Mothers Adopt (CMomA) (US) Psychotherapist Dr Marcy Cole’s website, organisation and community for ‘Childless Mothers’ (by both choice and circumstance) and her project (CMomA) to connect children-in-need with adoptive or foster mothers. Marcy is a childless-by-circumstance woman herself.

Please let us know in the comments below if you know of any other resources in this area that we might include.

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