UK resources

  • (Ageing Without Children)
    Jody is a founding member of this not-for-profit campaigning and supporting the 20-25% of adults in the UK who will be ageing without children, and the millions who already are.
  • BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association)
    The BICA website has a list of registered infertility counsellors in the UK. It is an organisation that is very aware of the support that men, women and couples need to move on with their lives after childlessness. It has been very supportive of the work of Gateway Women and Jody has both written for their journal and has spoken at their annual conference.
  • Give Sorrow Words (UK)
    London-based counsellor Gill Tunstall runs regular ‘Give Sorrow Words’ ceremonies. These are non-denominational memorial ceremonies for anyone who has experienced losses associated with fertility or unwanted childlessness. They are based on the work of Meredith Wheeler.
  • Childless Stepmothers (UK)
    Being a stepmother can be very challenging, being a childless stepmother uniquely so. This UK-based internet forum describes itself as ‘a sanctuary for women thrown into an instant family of often angry ex-wives, resentful stepchildren and guilty or mourning fathers’.
  • The Daisy Network (UK)
    A UK charity that supports women who have experienced premature menopause or ‘premature ovarian failure’ as it’s often referred to.
  • From Forty With Love (UK)
    A blog by British journalist Katherine Baldwin which began when she was 40, single and still hopeful of having a family and how this came about. Now in her mid-forties, she’s busy creating her Plan B and continues to chart her journey from ambivalence towards a life of joy and meaning.
  • Saying Goodbye (UK)
    Saying Goodbye organise non-denominational services of remembrance in Cathedrals across the UK. The services are for people who have lost a child at any age or stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether it was recently or many years ago.

Please let us know in the comments below if you know of any other resources in this area that we might include.

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