This is an expanded (and regularly updated) version of the resources section at the back of my book,
Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Future Without Children (2016 Bluebird/PanMacmillan).

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  1. I’m 36 and after ttc for over a year I had some testing done at my gyno. I was basically told that without ivf and possibly donor eggs it would be a very slim chance to concieve naturally and even if I did I’m a high risk for miscarriage. I was told this in August of 2018. It’s now May of 2019 and I’m really struggling with this. We cannot afford infertility treatment or adoption.

    My husband and I have basically decided to stop actively trying (if it happens, it happens) and have been trying to figure out what life without children would be for us. I’m looking for a support group, because talking to friends and family just doesn’t work. They mean well, but sometimes I feel worse after talking to them. I’m not really sure where I fit in in terms of support groups. I live in the USA.

    • Hi Jody – I’m glad you found my book helpful. You’ll find my list of other books that I recommend on this website here: There are more to be added soon too including Lesley Pyne’s ‘Finding Joy’ and Lois Tonkin’s ‘Motherhood Missed’ (both of which I wrote the Forewords for!) and Jessica Hepburn’s astonishing “21 Miles: Swimming in Search of the Meaning of Motherhood” (in which I’m interviewed). Will be adding reviews of all of them soon! Happy reading. Jody x

  2. Splitting up with my partner of 8 yrs after failed Ivf attempts. Have a nurturing spirit and love to look after people so being childless is having a profound affect on determining how I lead my life. Currently caring for parents one with altzheimers and one recently taken ill with pancreatitis and the thought of who will look after me has taken hold. Partner can’t face anymore ivf or going adoption route so put in a choice of save relationship or pursue with the dream. If I save the relationship feel ill regret not pursing my dream 100% but stay in the relationship will mean resentment. So so confused ????

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