Global resources

  • Gateway Women website
    Jody Day’s Gateway Women website full of articles and resources for childless-not-by-choice women. UK based, global audience.
  • Gateway Women Private Online Community
    To apply for membership of the ‘best online community for childless-not-by-choice women’ (that’s a review, not me!) go to and click on ‘Online Community’. All applications are vetted for member security and privacy. Free trial and then either a modest membership fee or free, depending on your circumstances. Open to women who are ‘still hopeful’ as well as those who are ‘moving on’.
  • Gateway Women Meetup Groups
    Private social Meetup groups for childless women who wish to meet up in person. Groups in UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
  • Gateway Women Resource Library on Listly
    An online library of articles and resources of relevance to childless-by-circumstance women from online resources globally. At the last count almost 700 articles and resources.
  • Gateway Women Gallery of Childless & Childfree Role Models on Pinterest
    Portraits and mini-biographies of childless and childfree women role models. 500+ women from different cultures and times, with more being added as I hear about them. Take a look and feel free to email me with your nominations to add.
  • Bella de Paulo’s ‘Community of Single People’ (Global)
    This is a closed Facebook group for ‘Single people who want to live single lives joyfully, and free of stereotyping and stigma’. This group is for all genders, and includes single parents. It has nothing to do with dating. Bella de Paulo is a academic and writer who writes on the prejudices experienced by single adults, and coined the term ‘matrimania’.

UK Resources

US Resources

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South African Resources

European Resources

Please let us know in the comments below if you know of any other resources in this area that we might include.

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