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Global resources

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  • Gateway Women website
    Jody Day’s Gateway Women website full of articles and resources for childless-not-by-choice women. UK based, global audience.
  • Gateway Women Private Online Community
    To apply for membership of the ‘best online community for childless-not-by-choice women’ (that’s a review, not me!) go to and click on ‘Online Community’. All applications are vetted for member security and privacy. Free trial and then either a modest membership fee or free, depending on your circumstances. Open to women who are ‘still hopeful’ as well as those who are ‘moving on’.
  • Gateway Women Meetup Groups
    Private social Meetup groups for childless women who wish to meet up in person. Groups in UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa.
  • Gateway Women Resource Library on Listly
    An online library of articles and resources of relevance to childless-by-circumstance women from online resources globally. At the last count almost 700 articles and resources.
  • Gateway Women Gallery of Childless & Childfree Role Models on Pinterest
    Portraits and mini-biographies of childless and childfree women role models. 500+ women from different cultures and times, with more being added as I hear about them. Take a look and feel free to email me with your nominations to add.
  • Bella de Paulo’s ‘Community of Single People’ (Global)
    This is a closed Facebook group for ‘Single people who want to live single lives joyfully, and free of stereotyping and stigma’. This group is for all genders, and includes single parents. It has nothing to do with dating. Bella de Paulo is a academic and writer who writes on the prejudices experienced by single adults, and coined the term ‘matrimania’.

UK Resources

  • (Ageing Well Without Children)
    Jody is a founding member of this not-for-profit campaigning and supporting the 20-25% of adults in the UK who will be ageing without children, and the millions who already are.
  • BICA (British Infertility Counselling Association)
    The BICA website has a list of registered infertility counsellors in the UK. It is an organisation that is very aware of the support that men, women and couples need to move on with their lives after childlessness. It has been very supportive of the work of Gateway Women and Jody has both written for their journal and has spoken at their annual conference.
  • Give Sorrow Words (UK)
    London-based counsellor Gill Tunstall runs regular ‘Give Sorrow Words’ ceremonies. These are non-denominational memorial ceremonies for anyone who has experienced losses associated with fertility or unwanted childlessness. They are based on the work of Meredith Wheeler.
  • Childless Stepmothers (UK)
    Being a stepmother can be very challenging, being a childless stepmother uniquely so. This UK-based internet forum describes itself as ‘a sanctuary for women thrown into an instant family of often angry ex-wives, resentful stepchildren and guilty or mourning fathers’.
  • The Daisy Network (UK)
    A UK charity that supports women who have experienced premature menopause or ‘premature ovarian failure’ as it’s often referred to.
  • From Forty With Love (UK)
    A blog by British journalist Katherine Baldwin which began when she was 40, single and still hopeful of having a family and how this came about. Now in her mid-forties, she’s busy creating her Plan B and continues to chart her journey from ambivalence towards a life of joy and meaning.
  • More to Life (UK)
    A UK charity that provides online and face-to-face groups for women and couples moving on after infertility treatment.
  • Saying Goodbye (UK)
    Saying Goodbye organise non-denominational services of remembrance in Cathedrals across the UK. The services are for people who have lost a child at any age or stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether it was recently or many years ago.

European Resources

  • Femme Sans Enfant Meetup (Paris, France)
    Organised by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle, the Founder of the Canadian site this is a regular Paris based meetup. I met the organiser of the Meetup at a UK event in 2016 and she was lovely, so do go along! (Both French and English speaking women welcome).
  • Books about miscarriage, grief and childlessness in French
  • Spain (Barcelona): La Vida Sin Hijos (Life without Children) is a website and support group in Barcelona, Spain, created by Gloria Labay, a childless midwife.

US Resources

  •  Gateway Women USA Meetup Group
    Free, private social Meetup group for towns and cities across the US. To join, first join (if you’re not already a member) and then follow the link below to apply for membership of the Gateway Women Meetup group.
  • Life Without Baby (US)
    Lisa Manterfield’s blog, online community, online courses & resources for women coming to terms with life as a childless woman. Lisa is the author of ‘I’m Taking my Eggs and Going Home’.
  • Center for Complicated Grief (US)
    Part of the Columbia School of Social Work in New York, The Center for Complicated Grief has resources for both professionals looking to understand ‘CG’ better and train in their 16-session treatment programme, and for those looking for a therapist. They also have lots of really helpful reading material and resources on their website.
  • Childless Mormon Support (US
    A website blog set up by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints who, through various reasons, are living life without children.
  • Childless Mothers Connect (CMC) and Childless Mothers Adopt (CMomA) (US)
    Psychotherapist Dr Marcy Cole’s website, organisation and community for ‘Childless Mothers’ (by both choice and circumstance) and her project (CMomA) to connect children-in-need with adoptive or foster mothers. Marcy is a childless-by-circumstance woman herself.
  • Our Spirit Babies (US)
    Interfaith community events for people who have been affected by pregnancy loss, whether by miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth or for any other reason. Those mourning not being able to have children for any reason are also welcome. The website also has some beautiful photos of shrines and alters created at their events.
  • Savvy Auntie (US)
    Melanie Notkin’s US site for women without children who are aunts, godmothers or in some way ‘childful’. Also has a busy online community. Melanie Notkin also writes movingly for Huffington Post on being a single, childless woman in her mid-40s.
  • Your Childless Heart (US)
    Laurie Spellmeyer is a licenced social worker. She is involuntarily childless herself and offers coaching specifically for childless women looking to move forward with their lives in tangible ways.

Canadian Resources

  • Femme Sans Enfant (French Canada)
    Blogs, articles and video interviews with childless and childfree women (and men) across the Francophone world. Started by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle who is childless due to early menopause (age 14), it won in the 2014 ‘Activism and Social Justice’ category in Canada’s ‘Schmutzie’ Weblog Awards. Also a Meetup group. 
  • Femme Sans Enfant Meetup Group (Montreal, Canada)
    A French-speaking Meetup group organised and run by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle of ‘Femme Sans Enfant’
  • Gateway Women English-speaking Canada Meetup Group
    Free, private social Meetup group for towns and cities across Canada. To join, first join (if you’re not already a member) and then follow the link below to apply for membership of the Gateway Women Meetup group.
  • Mothering Your Heart (English speaking Canada / Global)
    Email program and group for support after infertility and baby loss. Based in Canada but with global access.

Australian Resources

  • Gateway Women Australia Meetup Group 
    Free, private social Meetup group for childless women in towns and cities across Australia. You’ll find more information about the Gateway Women Meetup groups in Australia and around the world, how to join and how to start your own group if there isn’t one near you here.
  • Childless Support
    Do you feel like you’ve lost your purpose, or come to a fork in the road? Or want to get your health back to a state of balance? Anne Barratt’s journey through Childlessness has led her to become a professional multi-disciplinary health and mindset practitioner to help others so they don’t have to suffer in silence and get the help needed from someone who truly understands what they’re going through from personal experience.  Anne offers individual sessions in person (Blue Mountains, Sydney) or via Zoom.
  • The Empty Cradle – a healing community for childless women
    Created by counsellor Sarah Roberts, The Empty Cradle supports women who have lost the opportunity for motherhood to grieve the loss and create a life they love. Offering online counselling (by Skype/Zoom), in-person counselling (Brisbane Australia), a newsletter, online resources, workshops, courses and the power of a loving community. You can contact Sarah directly at or through the contact form on the website
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