[REGISTER NOW] Fireside Wisdom with Childless Elderwomen, Wed 19th June 2024: ‘Courageous Conversations’


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Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women invites you to join her and her #NomoCrones guests (nomo=not-mother + crone is not an insult!) around the Zoom Fire for our June 2024 Solstice session. Together we plan to explore the topic of ‘Courageous Conversations’.

Perhaps you grew up in a family and culture that role-modelled and supported you to speak up for your needs, correct misunderstandings and seek to redress injustices… but many of us did not (me included). And this is not unusual, on the whole girls and women are conditioned to keep the peace’ and ‘not rock the boat’.

So where does that leave us when, as adults, and as older women, we need to speak out and speak out about things in our family, friendships, partnerships (if we have one), workplaces, communities and the wider culture? And in a world that seeks to silence the voice of women without children, and all older women by shaming us as ‘harpies’, ‘bitter’, ‘hags’ or [insert derogatory term here], how do we find the courage, and where do we learn the skills to use our voice wisely and effectively?

We are not positioning ourselves as experts, but with more than 600 years of lived experience between us, we’ve learned a lot (and still have a lot to learn!)

Hosted by Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women and with guests including:


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