Recommended blogs

Recommended blogs on coming to terms with childlessness

  • The Pursuit of Motherhood (UK) A blog by Jessica Hepburn, author of the bestselling infertility memoir ‘The Pursuit of Motherhood’. Jessica and her partner are childless after taking their IVF attempts almost into double-figures. Her writing is funny, candid and moving without being sentimental.
  • From Forty With Love (UK) A blog by British journalist Katherine Baldwin about her journey of being 40 single & still hopeful of having a family to working through her ambivalence, finding love (with a man who didn’t want children) and coming to terms with her childlessness.
  • Childless by Marriage (US) Writer and musician Sue Fagalde Lick’s book and blog about life as a childless stepmother and now as a childless widow living on her own. One of the very few 60+ voices writing publicly about childlessness.
  • Heal Yourself Yoga (US) Childless yoga teacher Jessica Desai’s resource rich blog on using yoga to heal from the trauma of infertility and redefine your womanhood as a childless woman. She does also support women going through infertility treatments using yoga, but that’s not the main focus of her blog.
  •  Infertility Honesty (US) Sarah Chamberlains funny, wry, honest and powerful blog about her life after infertility.
  • Life Without Baby (US) Lisa Manterfield’s blog, online community, online courses & resources for women coming to terms with life as a childless woman. Lisa is the author of ‘I’m Taking my Eggs and Going Home’.
  • (UK)
    A global community for people who either through personal circumstances or by choice, do not have children. The site was created by Nina Steele in 2013. She and her husband tried and failed to conceive for 9 years.
  • Silent Sorority (US) Pamela Tsingdinos’s blog was one of the very first I found and her sane, compassionate and wry voice gave me hope that life after infertility was indeed possible. She has since become a powerful voice speaking out in print and in public about the dubious practices to be found in the unregulated US ‘ART’ industry (assisted reproduction technology). Also the author of the award-winning 2010 Silent Sorority: A (Barren) Woman Gets Busy, Angry, Lost and FoundUSA: Booksurge Plc.
  • The Bitter Babe (US) An anonymous blog charting the outer and inner life of a forty-something single childless woman. Frank, insightful and culturally astute, this is the very best writing I’ve seen on the issue from a personal, sociological and cultural viewpoint. I hope she writes a book soon!

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