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#LTLU Living the Life Unexpected (2nd Edition): World Blogtour, 1-19th March 2020

25+ chances to win a copy of the new edition

I’m so proud to announce that the fully-revised and updated 2nd edition of my much-loved book, ‘Living the Life Unexpected’ is being published by Bluebird (PanMacmillan) in the UK on 19 March 2020. With fifty (I know, fifty!) prestigious endorsements inside the front and back jacket, a lovely new cover, a new subtitle, How to Find Hope, Meaning and a Fulfilling Future Without Children, and new content, (including a new introduction from me which outlines what’s new), I hope you’ll find it exciting whether you’re a returning reader or a brand new one.

25+ chances to win a personally dedicated and signed copy of the new edition.

To celebrate and support the launch of this new edition, I’m deeply honoured that many of my wonderful peers from the CNBC (childless-not-by-choice) community around the world have agreed to take part in a blogtour from 1-19th March. As well as publishing a blog with their reflections about the book on the dates below, each of them will also be offering you the chance to win a free copy of my book – personally dedicated, signed and mailed by me to you with love.

As I write in the new introduction:

It is my deepest wish that you find your place in this world again through the pages of this book, and that your dream of motherhood can be put to rest with the tenderness and love it deserves. Letting go of hope when you can’t see any other kind of hope ahead is terrifying, like swimming away from the shore in the dark without any idea when you’ll reach land again. Let this book be your lighthouse; let it be your hope in the dark. Those of us who’ve already made this trip are waiting for you on the other side, and many others are in the water alongside you, each feeling that they’re swimming alone. But you’re not alone. Welcome to your Tribe.

Pre-order now!

If you’d prefer to pre-order for despatch/collection on 19 March, here’s the link for UK bookstores/online retailers. And if you’re one of my international readers, you can order your copy for despatch from the UK via or The Book Depository (for free international delivery). And don’t forget you can get a sneak preview of the new introduction and chapter 1 here.

How does the blogtour work?

Each day, I’ll update the links to the websites below to take you directly to the post on the individual blogger’s site. Before publication, the link will take you to their webpage where you can also sign up to receive their posts by email (if they offer that) so that you’ll be amongst the first to know when their blog goes live. You can also follow on Instagram @GatewayWomen where I’ll also post links to each blog as it’s published.

Even more ways to win a copy!
  • Leave a comment below saying that you’d like to win today’s free copy (Sunday 1st March) and I’ll choose a winner at random on 20th March and email you.
  • Repost one of my posts over on the Gateway Women Instagram feed @GatewayWomen between 1st-19th March and I’ll choose one repost at random on 20th March and will send you an Instagram private message to let you know you’ve won.
  • Sign up to Gateway Women’s free webinar on ‘Coping with Mother’s Day‘ on 14th March and I’ll choose one name at random on 20th March and will email you.
  • Join us as a member of the Gateway Women private online community before 19th March and add your name to the list of members that would like the chance to win a copy. On 20th March I’ll choose a member at random from that list and let them know by private message within the community. (This offer is open to both existing and new members). By joining us you’ll also be able to take part in our member-only UK Mother’s Day live support chat on Sunday 22nd March, 7am-midnight (which we’ll also be doing on International Mother’s Day on May 10).
  • Listen to the Mother’s Day episode of The Full Stop Podcast on Sunday 15th March for a chance to win!

As I write in the introduction, this is a book about hope. Not the kind of hope that most people tell us we ‘mustn’t give up’ but a new kind of hope for a new kind of life after the death of our dream of motherhood. Because, as I write:

Wherever you are on your journey of making peace with and embracing the ‘life unexpected’, I hope that my book will become your lighthouse and I look forward to celebrating that with you this month.




34 Comments on #LTLU Living the Life Unexpected (2nd Edition): World Blogtour, 1-19th March 2020

  1. And so you should be proud, Jody! Not only have you created a book that will help women dealing with being #CNBC you have also created a safe space with Gateway Women and your work with your reignite weekends and Gateway Women meet-ups. Being childless is an isolating experience and the work you have done and continue to do helps bridge the isolation and gives women connections with others in the same or similar circumstances.
    I’m in awe of what you’ve created and I’m so very grateful and proud of you.
    Love & light dear lady xxx

  2. I’d like to win a free copy please Jody.
    I’m one of your “been dipping in for years” people who has appreciated your words and support.thank you fir this and helping me along. I’m not quite there yet- though I should be x

  3. As I scrolled the page stopped at another Helen A. How uncanny and her story seems much more heartbreaking than mine and more deserving of a book. I already have the first edition and it changed my life but Id like to give a copy to a good friend who has had a nervous breakdown from stress and who I’ve seen starting to grieve that she won’t have children. The 20th March was my wedding day. My Husband left me and had children with someone else I went back to him but it fell apart. He had a second family with another woman and I never met someone else to have mine with after age 35.I had that 15 year tunnel and I’m just coming out of it now at 50. I want to help my friend so that she can get through it much sooner.
    Another Helen A

  4. I would love to win this I don’t have children, this was not through choice. I also have multiple sclerosis and other issues so would love to read this book as I have never got over not have children x

  5. Brilliant Jody! Can’t wait to read your updated book! All the best with you world domination blog tour!!! 😀

  6. Congrats on your new edition Jody! I remember very well the hours and days I spent with your first edition sitting in my courtyard with loads of sticky post its deeply inspired as well as crying buckets of tears working through the exercises. Your creation was a very dear friend to me and I would love a copy of the new edition to read for myself and share with others.

  7. Jody you have been an inspiration. I no longer want childlessness to define who I am. I want to grab life with both hands, well maybe with one hand and have your new book in the other! Lol. Congratulations xx

  8. It’s 16 years since my husband was murdered and 10 years since treatments and investigations revealed my new partner and I would never become parents. Now I’m 50 and still coming to terms with my losses. I would love to get a copy of the new edition of your book.

  9. Hey Jody I’d love to win your book. Found your videos when I felt really alone & you perfectly described what I’m still learning to express. Decided we were ‘ready to try’ and diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, completely unexpected. Tried IVF & donor egg IVFs, now trying to accept my life without children and re-build my self-image. So incredibly thankful to have met so many amazing women through GW – thanks Jody & everyone for speaking up.
    Good luck with the book/tour, and good luck to all the women on here x

  10. I love your book – for me it’s one of the best- if not the best on the market. It has helped me so much on my journey towards healing and acceptance. I’d love a copy of the new edition.

  11. I can relate to everyone’s comments. This journey…the letting go, the acceptance needed is so huge…and I can’t do it alone, that’s for sure! I so appreciate Jody’s kind and compassionate wisdom…knowing there is “the other side” of this pain…gives me hope. I’d love a copy of your new book! 🙂

  12. Hi, Deborah from Oakville, Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
    I would love to win a free copy of your book Jody!
    It’s hard to get a hold of one over here.

  13. Your website and videos have been a light at the end of the tunnel for me. I’d love a copy of the new edition of your book.

  14. I’m so grateful for you Jody, your first book and for Gateway Women. The book really has been so helpful and it gives a framework for what I am processing. I’m very thankful to have met some brilliant women through the meet ups and Reignite weekend. Keep up the brave and much needed work!

  15. Hi Jody, cogratulations on your new book! Can’t wait to read it. Would love to win an extra copy to share. There are so many women who can benefit from your wise support in finding purpose again.

  16. Jody… I would love to win a copy of your new edition… you so eloquently put into words how I have felt and feel about my journey through childlessness… it’s so nice to know I am not alone… best of luck… DeeDee 🙂

  17. Hi Jody! I’d love to win a copy of your book. I found the exercises really useful and almost like a friend when I started grieving “The life Unexpected”. It is a tough journey at times and the road can be full of potholes! I think a lot of childless people spend their lives holding onto some form of invisible rope and to let go of that rope is extremely difficult, but you have to in the end to move on and to grow. I gave up my career in sales and embraced a new job as a carer and in one way that has channelled my caring instincts that I would have used as a mother to look after people with dementia. I guess that is my Plan B! Hugs lovely lady! xx

  18. I would love to win your book. My life like others have experienced is so unexpected and stuck but trying everyday to be a better version than the previous thankful always for everyone.

  19. I’d love your book and I’d also share it with others I know who need it.
    Cancer took my chances of motherhood when I’d only just got married and although that was a few years ago, my very best friends are now all having babies which is so bittersweet and just plain tough. I’m grateful to still be here so trying to find all the positives.
    Thank you for your hard work putting it all in a book.

  20. I would love to win your new book. Most of my life now I am focussed and OK, but there will always be the tough moments. Good luck with the launch!

  21. I’d love to win a copy of your book, Jody! Six IVF cycles, two miscarriages and subsequent struggles with mental well-being (made worse by a good friend who just didn’t get it), and the childless not by choice life is looking more likely for me. Thanks for speaking up for all of us x

  22. I’d love to win a copy of your book. Transitioning from unsuccessful IVF to Childless not by choice so feeling a bit stuck in the middle right now and I think your book may really help with this. Much love to all, Emma ❤️

  23. I would love to win a copy of the second edition of your book, the first was so good! It helped me to understand I’m not alone with the whole childless not by choice thing. Although I’m still grieving, alone, (as my husband doesn’t understand and Thinks telling me that he’s not bothered – if we have kids, great if not so be it -is acceptable) i know I will eventually come through this. Emma x

  24. I am at a time in life where everyone around me has children. Lost, stuck, looking for something more than children. I am grateful that a friend of a friend who has children shared this blog and I saw the link on Facebook. I can identify with so much. Rebecca

  25. HI Jody. I am childless by circumstances…met the right man, but he does want any more children…I struggle every day to accept that…I follow you and read your blogs which are great support, I’d love a copy of your 3rd edition of the book. Keep up your hard work, even if I am quiet and struggle yet to speak up/to accept..your work is so very much appreciated

  26. Delusion, marriage, miscarriage, divorce, right man wrong time, wrong man right time, cancer, the end, grief, the subsequent journey and all its intrinsic losses! Now, at 54, it’s a different journey still managed with as much grace as I can muster on a daily basis………….. onwards with hope. Mary

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