Online Bee – starts April 2021

The 2021 Global Online Bee starts again in April 2021 and is now open for enrollment 

It's time to create a life that feels good again because sometimes...
  • You’re terrified that you’re just going to ‘exist’ rather than ‘live’ the rest of your life…
  • You sometimes feel like a failure as a woman for not becoming a mother and are scared that you’re not really capable of having a ‘Plan B’, whatever the heck that is!
  • Your work bores you to tears these days but it feels like it’s all you’ve got so you hang on in there even whilst dying inside each time you have to deal with yet another office pregnancy…
  • You’re struggling to give a damn about your health, fitness and wardrobe any more and feel older than your years…
  • You hate being the ‘odd one out’ around your friends and siblings: either feeling angry when you’re not included in ‘family-friendly’ stuff, or distressed and freakish when you are…
  • You’re furious that you ‘did all the right things’ that your mother, school and society said you ‘should’ and look where it got you?!
  • You’re exhausted and uninspired about your life and feel that your thwarted dreams of motherhood have left you a hollowed-out husk without an ounce of energy or imagination left…
  • And at the back of your mind, sometimes you worry about becoming one of those friendless old women who dies alone and is eaten by her cats…

If this sounds like you some days, then 2021 is definitely the year to join the Online Bee, Gateway Women’s unique, ground-breaking, life-changing Plan B Mentorship Program and change the record! 

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Perhaps you’ve wanted to change aspects of your life before and have found it very hard and are thinking that this won’t work either? Maybe you feel that surviving childlessness is quite enough to deal with on a daily basis in a world gone motherhood-mad and that the idea of ‘thriving’ or ‘having a Plan B’ all seems like a bit too much to consider?

That’s why this programme is so special as it understands where you’re starting from and very gently guides you, month by month, towards a new way of inhabiting your life as a childless woman. Created by Jody Day, author of the best-selling Living the Life Unexpected, psychotherapist and founder of Gateway Women, and refined over several years of working with groups of women like, you, it’s based on her experience of recreating her life after the heartbreak and identity loss of childlessness and that of the thousands of women she’s worked with.

One of the major concerns many of us have about finding our Plan B is that we have no idea what it might be – and that’s absolutely fine (and perfectly normal!) Because, you see, Plan B isn’t really a ‘thing’, it’s just a shorthand way of describing getting from where you are now to a place where you feel at peace, fulfilled, purposeful and excited about your life and future again. (It’s just shorter to write!) Doing so isn’t a straightforward path for any of us, but there are definitely things that can help, and that’s what this program is for. It works, and here’s your chance to find out why.

This program is based on Jody Day’s experience of working with thousands of women like you over the last nine years and is the absolute creme-de-la-creme way of engaging with this exceptionally powerful body of work. The Online Bee is an online version of her live Plan B Mentorship Programme and combines cognitive and emotional work at a deep internal level with practical external strategies to create a very powerful learning experience. Change isn’t easy and refocusing your life after the heartbreak of childlessness has its own challenges as you may have lost faith in our very ability to chart your life course or know what you want anymore… The Online Bee doesn’t expect you to be turning up feeling at your best and full of beans but if previous cohorts are anything to go by, you’ll be a lot closer to feeling like that by the end! [More detail on course content here and the Online Bee in a nutshell here]

The Online BeeThe Online Bee costs GBP £150, USD $200 or EUR €170 per month, payable in advance quarterly/annually. Other currencies accepted and converted automatically.

To start the enrollment process for the 2021 Global Online Bee please reach out to Karin by email at

Karin will then send you a confidential questionnaire and invite you to book an absolutely no-obligation 30-minute Zoom chat. This is a chance to ask her absolutely anything you want (no questions are too weird for us, honest!) so that we can each feel that this is the right program at the right time for you. We appreciate that this is a substantial investment of your time and money and we want to make absolutely sure that it’s right for you.  You can watch a video chat between Jody Day and Karin here and read more about Karin’s experience and story here.

Testimonials from Graduate Bees [more here]


The Online Bee is an incredible course giving us further insight into coming to terms with, or having a deeper understanding of, the grief and life of being childless not by choice. Whatever stage you are at, you will benefit. This compassionate experience has changed me for the better and I'm learning how to give myself the compassion I need. You are supported and encouraged to go at your own pace and the assurance that we can continue to have access to the course materials after the end was very important to me. I feel humbled and privileged to have met a diverse international group of sister Bees - our tribe - and maintaining those links in our private community remains vital for me. I love the unexpected humour that often arose (and still arises!) and found that it didn't diminish our challenges but actually just gave us an opportunity to breathe. I feel honoured to have shared this journey with like-minded souls who really understand what has brought us together - we have explored so much together and grown both as individuals and as a group. Thank you for creating this life enhancing course that really continues far onwards past the first year.


I can honestly say that the Online Bee has been life-changing. It was easy to think 'How is this going to help, nothing else has'. But if you're reading this, and feel at absolute rock bottom, please have faith and sign up. And if you’re not an online type of person (and I definitely wouldn’t class myself as one!), don’t be daunted by the technical side of things, it really is surprisingly straightforward! The online discussions around the topics each month are so powerful in helping to unpack the layers and complexity of our grief, and it's surprising how many common threads there are, even those with very different stories to our own. Doing your grief work is far from easy but you will be steered through it by the course and supported by the most amazing group of wise, strong, powerful inspirational ladies. The year has changed how I view my life ahead now - I no longer feel angry about my childlessness and I now know it is possible to have a meaningful life without children. And the power of having a group of ladies who understand and 'get' you is hard to describe. Have courage and sign up - you truly won’t regret it. It may well turn out to be one of the best things you have ever done.


When I signed up for the Online Bee, I was walking around with a broken heart, a million tiny pieces. And now, after this year, those pieces are held together by a web of love, called belonging, and my heart now is a beautifully cracked mosaic living window that grief and love and joy all flow through. I'm a single teacher, and financially it was a real commitment, and also one of the best decisions I've made in my life. People always say "my life will never be the same" and I wish I had a better phrase, but the real truth is that my life, which was a painful disaster internally, is deeply changed for the better and I, with deep gratitude, know that I will never be the same.


The Online B course has changed my life. I have been able to grieve my childlessness in a secure and safe environment with other women facing the same challenge. Thoughts I had consciously or subconsciously been walking around with for many many years were all of a sudden out in the open. It finally allowed me to acknowledge the layers of complexity of living a childless life and work through the layers of grief related to the many losses associated. Working through the grief has been a revelation. I am crawling out at the end of the tunnel and seeing possibilities for a purposeful life. I have regained my mojo and energy. I look forward to what will become possible the next decades ahead. I am no longer being held hostage to unprocessed grief. I feel free. You have been an absolutely amazing support through this. I feel very grateful to have been able to gain insights through your wisdom. Also, I have found working with a forum of women a most profound and effective way to deal with grief around childlessness. It’s been loving and touching but also has generated results as in moving forward on the journey of processing grief. Ultimately that is what I wanted, getting out of ‘being stuck’. Thank you!


he Online Bee course was a life-changing experience. I could never have imagined that an online course could do this. But with the smart online-tutorials, exercises and videos and the connection to my fellow "Bees" from all around the world the Online Bee is really something I would recommend to any childless woman in a heartbeat. So many facets: Jody's wisdom and experience in her videos, the  personal feedback to our comments, questions, fears and grief. The way the course was designed to help us built up a community of women who now can support each other and are friends - even now the course has ended - is amazing. We now share a common language and common practices that will guide us in the future. The Online Bee is a safe space to process our situations, our setbacks, our successes and everything in between. I am looking forward to seeing where our Bee-group is heading and where we'll find ourselves at our first, second and every other anniversary to come. Thank you so much.

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