The Online Bee is the online version of Gateway Women's Plan B Mentorship Program. The 2020 Online Bee is now in progress and the group is closed. The 2021 course starts in late Spring and if you'd like to know when booking opens for 2021, please email us by clicking here. The Online Bee

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UK/EU HIVE - Beehive Leader, Karin Enfield de Vries -

N.AM/OZ HIVE - Beehive Leader, Elizabeth Grambsch -

KARIN ENFIELD DE VRIES is the UK/EU Beehive Leader for the 2020 Online Bee (presented in English). She’s a licensed Gateway Women workshop facilitator (GWS) and Gateway Women’s European Lead. Bilingual in English/Dutch she lives on the Dutch/Belgian border with her British husband and cats and is childless due to a hysterectomy at 33 as part of her treatment for cervical cancer. She works in Business Transformation and Change Management, guiding people and corporate teams through transformations and is currently studying Grief Counselling at a Post Graduate level. An alumni of Gateway Women’s 2017 Online Bee Plan B Mentorship Programme, Karin is a 2019 World Childless Week Champion and is particularly interested in developing a better understanding of childlessness due to cancer, including amongst the medical profession. She speaks at Oncology Conferences about her experience and in 2020 will be the face of a major Dutch health education initiative to raise awareness of cervical cancer. As well as co-facilitating Reignite Weekends in the UK and leading a monthly GW Benelux Meetup Group, in 2020 she will lead the Reignite Weekend in Holland (in both English and Dutch) as well as being the Beehive Leader for the UK/EU Online Bee. Karin runs the  Gateway Women Benelux website (in both Dutch/English). The UK/EU Hive for 2020 is now full. To find out when it runs again, please make sure that you are on our email update list. And Karin can be contacted directly on

As Karin says: “Being part of the Online Bee was life-changing for me. Being part of a larger community of women going through the 12-month programme together, discussing the various topics every month, really delving into the different layers of the grief that we’ve all experienced dealing with childlessness – it really helped me to acknowledge to that it was something that is bigger than me – that I couldn’t do it on my own…. The power of connection through the course is still,  for me to this day, something incredibly valuable.” (Hear more in the video above)

ELIZABETH GRAMBSCH is the Beehive Leader for the North American and Antipodean Online Bee. She is a licensed Gateway Women workshop facilitator (GWS) and lives with her husband near Minneapolis, MN USA. She is childless due to health-related issues and after 12 years of healing efforts, she had her last miscarriage at 42. Elizabeth has a Master’s degree in Human Development and, after working in university and hospital settings for many years, founded Crescendo Learning Center LLC where she teaches, coaches, consults, presents and performs with clients of all ages and with a variety of organizations on using applied neuroscience to improve communication, enhance creative self-expression and optimize human performance. She is a graduate of the Gateway Women’s 2017 Online Bee, and trained with Jody to lead the Reignite Weekend in North America and has a special interest in supporting those childless women for whom chronic illness or traumatic injury have contributed to their childlessness and/or painful or triggering communications with medical staff have complicated their grief process. Having had her own experience with this she is now offering her Beyond Words Mentorship Program for Practitioners to help them develop trauma-informed communication skills, including for women facing infertility. Elizabeth is passionate about bringing Gateway Women programs to North America and is excited to be supporting the first North American & Antipodean Online Bee in 2020. The N.AM/OZ Hive for 2020 is now full. To find out when it runs again, please make sure that you are on our email update list. And Elizabeth can be contacted directly on

As Elizabeth says: “Doing the Online Bee was actually magical. I don’t use that lightly [….] Part of it I realized in hindsight was that you structured it in a way that it flows so beautifully. […]  through the Online Bee I did the deeper work and I feel that the slower unfolding and allowing me that space and timing with the material really afforded me quite a transformation in my life – a transformation in the way I see myself and the way I see other women. It helped me find my voice.” (Hear more in the video above).