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Here's what a month of The Global Online Bee 2021 will be like... 
  • 1st of each month all the course materials for the month ahead will be available to access including 3 training videos created by Jody exclusively for The Online Bee, workshop exercises, reading materials, etc. These will be all be hosted on the MightyNetworks course platform so you’ll be able to access them on your computer, tablet or using the MightyNetworks App on your smartphone. All videos are downloadable and closed-captioned so that you can watch with the sound on or off as you prefer and are also available as written transcripts.
  • Each week you’ll meet in your Hive for a ‘live chat’ hosted by Karin for you and your sister Bees to discuss the materials, build connections and enhance your learning experience. These ‘live chats’ take place in the ‘chat room’ which is a private function exclusive to your Hive and hosted within MightyNetworks. You’ll also have 24/7 access to your own Hive forum  (a private group on the Gateway Women Mighty Networks platform, not on Facebook!) Your Hive Leader Karin will be part of your Hive forum and able to answer any questions you may have about the topic and to help you reflect on how it relates to your own, unique experience of childlessness. You can access your Hive Forum at any time during (and after) the course and it will become your main way of interacting and getting to know each other and building those new connections that will hopefully become a part of your life.
  • 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month  twice a month, your Hive Leader Karin will host a live group Zoom call for your Hive (you only need a free Zoom account to access). You’ll be able to see the other members of your Hive on the call (or you can participate by audio only if you’re feeling shy). During this 90-minute call, Karin will help you think and feel your way towards new solutions to current and old problems and support you as you continue to build both your internal resources and your external plans. Together, you will talk through how you’re doing with each month’s topic as well as what else is going for you around your childlessness. The calls are recorded, so if you’re not able to make it, or don’t like live calls, you can listen again later. Both the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s calls are offered at two possible times so that whether you are in the UK, EU, North America or Australia/NZ (or anywhere else) there will a Hive Call in your timezone.
  • Homework: Some months there will be some recommended reading that you’ll be asked to do to prepare for the following month’s topic (in addition to sections from Jody’s book Living the Life Unexpected). When you enroll, you will receive a reading list of these 6 books (it’s not every month). Where audiobooks area available we also recommend those as many childless women cognitively struggle with reading whilst they are processing their childlessness.
  • Additional one-to-one support: If you need additional personal support from Karin (your Online Bee host) at any time during the course, you can book in for a 30-minute phone/WhatsApp/Zoom call with her at an additional cost EUR €35 / GBP £30 / USD $40.
  • Please remember that this isn’t school, and you’re not going to be marked. Sometimes life gets in the way and so if you are unable to complete any of the assignments each month that’s absolutely understandable! You can always revisit it at a later date if you wish and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials.


The Online BeeThe Online Bee costs GBP £150, USD $200 or EUR €170 per month, payable in advance quarterly/annually. Other currencies accepted and converted automatically.

To start the enrollment process for the 2021 Global Online Bee please reach out to Karin by email at

Karin will then send you a confidential questionnaire and invite you to book an absolutely no-obligation 30-minute Zoom chat. This is a chance to ask her absolutely anything you want (no questions are too weird for us, honest!) so that we can each feel that this is the right program at the right time for you. We appreciate that this is a substantial investment of your time and money and we want to make absolutely sure that it’s right for you.  You can watch a video chat between Jody Day and Karin here and read more about Karin’s experience and story here.

The Global Online Bee 2021 - Session Topics
  • Online Bee Session 1: April 2021: The Power of Owning Our Stories
  • Online Bee Session 2: May 2021: Self Compassion 
  • Online Bee Session 3: June 2021: Meet Your Gremlins 
  • Online Bee Session 4: July 2021: Social Identity
  • Online Bee Session 5: September 2021: Understanding our Relationships
  • Online Bee Session 6: October 2021: Letting Go & Moving On
  • Online Bee Session 7: November 2021: Befriending Your Body
  • Online Bee Session 8: December 2021: Holiday Remix
  • Online Bee Session 9: January 2022: Value & Self Worth
  • Online Bee Session 10: February 2022: The Meaning Map & Your Plan B  
  • Online Bee Session 11: March 2022: Creating a New Kind of Elderhood
  • Online Bee Session 12: April 2022: Endings and New Beginnings
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