‘Childless’: a new radio documentary. Download the podcast and/or watch the live Q&A with the Director, Hilary Fennell [Recording now available]


On the Newstalk.com website: ‘Documentary on Newstalk’: episode ‘Childless’
Apple Podcasts: ‘Documentary on Newstalk’: episode ‘Childless’
Spotify Podcasts: ‘Documentary on Newstalk’: episode ‘Childless’ 
Hilary Fennell’s website: www.hilaryfennell.com

“It’s hard to imagine that there remains a subject so taboo that although shared by one in five women over 45, it is never discussed. That subject is being childless, but not by choice.”
Hilary Fennell, programme maker and journalist is one of a growing number of such women in Ireland. In this  documentary she explores what it means to be childless in a child-centred society and breaks the taboo of ‘social infertility’ by hearing the stories of six women, seven including herself.

Taboo-busting, wide-ranging, informative, tender and ultimately uplifting, Hilary’s doco has already generated a huge amount of media and public interest.

It was featured in the Sunday Independent on 16th January 2022 and on 19th January 2022 Hilary was interviewed by Sean Moncrieff on his very popular NewstalkFM Irish radio show for a whole 20 minutes! It was been chosen as radio ‘Pick of the Week’ in the Irish Sunday Times (it airs on NewstalkFM again on Saturday 27th Jan 2022 at 9pm) and Hilary and Jody were both interviewed about it on 20th January 2022 on Irish Breakfast TV show, IrelandAM. On Saturday 29th January 2022 it will be in Irish Examiner newspaper.

Funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the Television Licence Fee, ‘Childless’ was broadcast on Newstalk on Sunday, January 23rd at 7am and will be broadcast again on Saturday, January 29th at 9pm. You can also listen it here on the Newstalk website and as a podcast – search ‘Documentary on Newstalk’ on Apple/Spotify Podcasts or on Hilary Fennell’s website at www.hilaryfennell.com

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