‘Finding Community and Connection as a Childless Woman’: a free GW Masterclass with Karin Enfield-de Vries & Sarah Lawrence. [Watch now]


It’s often the case when you’re childless either through infertility or circumstance that your social circle dwindles as your friends sail away to the motherland… Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women named this the #FriendshipApocalypse of childlessness and it’s sometimes really hard not to take it personally!

Join Karin Enfield-de Vries, GW’s Operations Director, a trainee grief counsellor and the Lead Trainer & Facilaitor for our Reignite Weekend programs, and Sarah Lawrence,  a therapeutic counsellor, one-third of the Full Stop Podcast, and also a Licensed GW Reignite Weekend Facilitator, for this free GW Masterclass and learn more about reaching out and making new connections.

Karin & Sarah will also be co-facilitating our first UK/EU Online Reignite Weekend for 2022 on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th February. Full details, videos and testimonials here

In this free GW Masterclass, Karin and Sarah share their own experiences of navigating the #FriendshipApocalypes and how they found new community and connections, some of which have led to meaningful new friendships and answer questions from our live audience.

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This Gateway Women Masterclass Webinar was hosted by:

KARIN ENFIELD-DE VRIES is Gateway Women’s Operation Director as well as being the lead trainer and facilitator for Gateway Women’s Reignite Weekend programs and facilitating the 2021 ‘Plan B Mentorship Program’ (The Online Bee). Bilingual in English/Dutch she lives on the Belgian/Dutch border with her British husband and cats and is childless due to a hysterectomy at 33 as part of her treatment for cervical cancer. She’s also in her final year of a post-graduate Grief Counselling qualification. Until she joined GW, for 20-years she worked in the corporate world in Business Transformation and Change Management, guiding people and corporate teams through transformations. An Alumni of Gateway Women’s 2017 Online Bee, Karin is a World Childless Week Ambassador and is particularly interested in developing a better understanding of childlessness due to cancer, including amongst the medical profession. She speaks at Oncology Conferences about her experience and in 2021 was the face of a major Dutch health education initiative to raise awareness of cervical cancer. You can reach out to Karin directly at karin@gateway-women.com or on Instagram @GatewayWomenBNL


SARAH LAWRENCE is a founder of the childless website and community After the Storm, a qualified coach and person-centred counsellor, one-third of the amazing Full Stop Podcast and a licensed Gateway Women Reignite Weekend workshop facilitator. She is presently training to specialize in trauma, as she understands that many of the aspects of our backstories, not just our childlessness, carry unresolved trauma. She lives in Kent, with her husband and two cats and is passionate about running, yoga (so she can keep running), walking, and pretty much anything related to mental health and wellbeing. Sarah is childless as a result of endometriosis and adenomyosis, both of which resulted in multiple operations and procedures over a long period of time and ultimately led to her having a hysterectomy in 2017; she wrote a powerful blog about this for Gateway Women called ‘Childless After Hysterectomy – I am Still a Woman – Hear me Roar!   You can contact Sarah directly at sarahlawrence@gateway-women.com or on Instagram @CNBCcounsellor

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