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Twixmas – a time to reflect and renew

Why this time of year is hard and what helps

The week between Christmas and New Year can be a strange one at the best of times – and 2020 hasn’t been the best of times!

I thought you might enjoy this webinar I recorded on 29th December 2018 on why I find this time of year challenging as a childless woman, and what helps me.

You can watch it by clicking the video image above or this link.

And you can find links/info about all the resources mentioned in this video here

You might also like to know that I’m hosting a free webinar on Wednesday 30th December 2020 called ‘Fireside Wisdom for Childless Elderwomen’ which I hope you’ll find very nourishing and supportive. You can find out more and register here. It will be recorded if you cannot make it and I’ll email you the recording after editing if you register.


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2 Comments on Twixmas – a time to reflect and renew

  1. Jody I have just listened to your Reflect and Renew video. It is exactly what I needed to hear right now! I am feeling the twixt as loneliness and feelings of loss and lost right now. So this made sooo much sense. I haven’t wanted to reflect on what 2020 has taught me or even think about new year resolutions because I am still after a lot of processing over the years dealing with the layers of grief that appear for a CNBC woman. I have immersed myself in work this year which has been small but mighty as I’ve started a new little business for myself. I’ve sustained something small but definitely loyalty and connection with and from clients. Major fears re ageing and being childless and I’m not 50 till April, but I’m worrying already!
    I’ve lost friends not just through childless related circumstances but through my own realisation that my boundaries have importance and meaning and others won’t like them. It does mean I grieve for friendships lost. I like the ‘letting go’ ritual you mention. I will do this. So much I could say! But mostly thank you for all your work and authenticity. Watching this has made me feel a bit better today and hopeful, I am not alone. Best wishes Katie x

    • Dear Katie – I’m so glad the webinar was helpful to you. I think burying ourselves in work is a very socially acceptable way to avoid difficult feelings – you won’t be alone in that this year or any other! And the #FriendshipApocalypse of childlessness is something pretty well much all of us have to deal with – when it was happening to me I presumed I was just rubbish at friendships, and used it as yet another thing to beat myself up about so its something I now talk about a lot to help others realize that it’s part of the transformational process of the grief of childlessness – and that not everyone stays with us for the duration. Wishing you hugs and healing for every year, including the one ahead. Jody x

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