GW Masterclass – the unique experience of childlessness in Australia and New Zealand (Recording now available)


For the last decade, Gateway Women has attracted and supported many Australian & Kiwi women who have resonated deeply with our empowering and compassionate approach. Both countries were the first outside the UK to get going with our social meetups (now called ‘Gateway Gatherings’) many of which have kept going online during Covid, with new ones beginning to emerge across Australia and NZ. 

So it is with great pleasure that Jody Day, (GW’s founder) & Karin Enfield (GW’s Operations Director) would like to introduce you to our new dedicated team to lead and guide the work of Gateway Women in Australia and New Zealand – Judy Graham and Sarah Roberts. Sarah and Judy will be facilitating our Reignite Weekends in Australia – so if you wanted to get to know them, this is a low-stress way to do so. The next Reignite Weekend takes place on 17/18th July and you can find all the details about that hereWe thought this could be a good place to explore what might be unique to the Australian & Kiwi experience of involuntary childlessness, and how GW Australia might better understand and meet those needs. It was a great discussion and we hope you enjoy it.

JUDY GRAHAM is a licensed Gateway Women workshop facilitator. She collaborates with Jody Day and Karin Enfield de Vries of Gateway Women to bring Gateway Women’s Reignite Weekends to Australian women. She is the founder of WomenHood Counselling in Australia where she provides counselling support especially for women who are childless-not-by-choice.  As a childless-not-by-choice woman herself, she integrates her childless experience with over twenty years of working in health, education and counselling to support and inspire other childless women. Judy lives on Queensland’s Gold Coast where she grew up and lay down her roots. She works with women across Australia (thank you Zoom!) and is part of a growing network building awareness and support around the unique issues for women who are childless-not-by-choice.  Judy is delighted to be connecting with you in this Reignite Workshop and looks forward to guiding you through the program designed by Jody to help you heal your heart and embrace your future. You can contact Judy directly at:

SARAH ROBERTS is a licensed Gateway Women Reignite workshop facilitator and founder of Australia’s The Empty Cradle.  With over 30 years of experience in counseling, community work and teaching, Sarah brings together a unique combination of lived experience, clinical skills (ACA registered) and academic work (completing Master Social Work).  Sarah considers permanent involuntary childlessness to be one of the sacred journeys of womanhood and has supported hundreds of women to grieve the losses and nurture a life of meaning, connection and joy.  Sarah lives on a semi-rural property in Brisbane, Australia with her partner Kevin and moodle Max.  A graduate of Gateway Women’s year-long Plan B Mentorship Program, the Online Bee, she is passionate about the complexity of the human experience and what it means to live a good life.  Sarah’s ‘Plan B’ includes native habitat restoration for the well-being of local native animals and future generations.  You can find out more about Sarah’s story here and email her directly at


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