[WATCH NOW] World Childless Week 2021 Free Masterclass: Childlessness & Sexual Intimacy



Since we hosted the Gateway Women Masterclass on Childlessness & Sexual Intimacy in May 2021, it’s proven to be one of our most popular and most watched discussions. It was an incredible experience for us to Host and for the Panellists to take part in too. So, when the discussions about this year’s World Childless Week ‘themes’ came up, we suggested that this should be one of them and it is. Tuesday 14th September 2021 is ‘Childlessness & Sexual Intimacy’ Day for World Childless Week.

This free webinar is free to attend and all who register will get an email link to watch it again if you miss it. It will also form part of the permanent resources on the World Childless Week website.

This Childlessness & Sexual Intimacy webinar for World Childless Week will be hosted by Jody Day, (IRL): psychotherapist, author of ‘Living the Life Unexpected’ and founder of Gateway Women. A World Childless Week Ambassador since it began five years ago, Jody is 57, in a heterosexual partnership and childless due to ambivalence, unexplained infertility and social infertility. www.gateway-women.com


Karin Enfield de Vries (BNL): trainee grief therapist, Gateway Women workshop facilitator, and GW’s Operation’s Director. A World Childless Week Ambassador, Karin is 42, Dutch and she and her English husband live in Belgium. They are childless due to Karin’s cervical cancer in her early thirties, leading to a hysterectomy. www.gateway-women.com


Yvonne John (UK) is a Black British author and activist for childless women of colour in her early 50s, as well as a licenced Gateway Women workshop facilitator and World Childless Week Ambassador. Now single, she and her ex-husband are childless due to her unexplained infertility, followed by adenomyosis and a hysterectomy. www.findingmyplanb.com



Kate Kaufmann (USA) is an unabashed elder in her late 60s and the author of ‘Do You Have Kids? Life When the Answer Is No’. A World Childless Week Ambassador, Kate also writes the ‘Unapparent’ blog for Psychology Today, exploring the issues faced by non-parents. Kate is childless due to failed infertility treatments with her ex-husband and is now single after divorce. www.katekaufmann.com


Bibi Lynch (UK) is a controversial British journalist, writer and broadcaster. She co-hosted ‘adult’ show ‘After the Watershed’ on BBC Radio Sussex and the ‘Good Sex Bad Sex’ podcast for Metro. Now in her mid-50s, Bibi is childless after not finding a man to have children with and is single and not dating. She’s a World Childless Week Ambassador and a passionate voice for the single, childless experience. www.bibilynch.com


Katy de Jong (USA) is a feminist philosopher, sex educator and the founder of The Pleasure Anarchist, a project created to help people reimagine a new relationship to their sexuality after the trauma of infertility. In her early-40s, she and her husband are childless after infertility. www.thepleasureanarchist.com


Victoria Firth (UK) is a performer, writer and theatre director from Yorkshire. Now in her late 40s, she is childless due to social infertility with particular relevance to her identity as a gay woman which she explored in her fun and feminist one-woman show ‘How to Be Amazingly Happy!’ She is now considering female sexuality and shame for her forthcoming work, ‘The Butter Piece’. www.victoriafirth.co.uk

Bindi Shah (UK) is a British Asian writer and meditation teacher based in the UK offering weekly online meditation classes for childless women and is the creator of the ‘Daily Truth Oracle Cards’ as a tool for meditation. In her late 40’s, Bindi and her husband are chlidless due to her adenomyosis, a chronic health condition similar to endometriosis which eventually led to a hysterectomy. www.bindishah.com

Katy Seppi (USA) is the founder of Chasing Creation and the creator of 2021’s outstanding ‘Childless Collective Summit’ which brought together 27 speakers from across the childless world for an amazing 4-day online event. Katy’s in her late 30s and she and her husband are childless due to Katy’s endometriosis, failed infertility treatments and her subsequent hysterectomy. www.chasingcreation.org


Please be sure to find out all the other events that are happening for World Childless Week 2021.


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