The Full Stop Podcast: a fabulous new show for childless women and men has just launched.

I’m excited to be the first guest on this exciting new podcast created for the childless not by choice community by two women and one man:

This first episode is themed around the issue of ‘Speaking Out’ and the first half of it features candid conversations between the 3 presenters on issues that all of us have probably experienced, or might even be dealing with right now such as:

  • How do we separate our private and work life around childlessness?
  • What to do about Facebook?
  • How to maintain (or not) friendships with parents?
  • Being open about infertility as a man
  • And more. This is the kind of watercooler chat you can only dream of!!

At 34 minutes, I’m interviewed and I speak out my first (and very bruising experience) of going public in The Guardian in 2012 and how that changed my friendships forever as well as what I’ve learned in the last 9 years of speaking out (and why it’s still so imporant to me to do so). I also share my tips for you if you’re want to find your own way to be more open with those around you.

Click here to listen to the Podcast, to read the show notes and subscribe.

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