Live Event – StoryhouseCHILDLESS – Sun 10 November

Storyhouse Childless

StoryhouseCHILDLESS – this Sunday, 10th November – a whole day of live events exploring living as a non-parent in a family-centric world!  Chester, UK – £15 for a day pass

Come and join me for a whole day of live programming around childlessness at the gorgeous community arts venue ‘Storyhouse’ in the centre of historic Chester, UK. I’m keynoting at the opening and chairing the wrap-up panel at the end, so I’ll be around all day to meet and chat (and sign books – mine will be on sale and do feel free to bring your own copy along for me to sign!)

Although it might seem scary to come along to something like this, if this event is anything like any other childless event I’ve been too, you’ll be astounded (and relieved) by the warmth, humour, laughter, connection and welcome you’ll find. Even if you don’t know anyone when you arrive, you’ll have new friends when you leave. A BIG THANK YOU to the Chester Gateway Women Group who made this event happen!

There’s an amazing lineup of talks, workshops, performances and activities to choose from at Storyhouse CHILDLESS, including:

  • Real-Life Stories from members of the Chester Gateway Women Meetup Group who’ll be on stage to talk candidly about their experiences;
  • Robin Hadley, the UK’s most well-known (and loved!) academic and speaker on male involuntary childlessness on ‘The Rise of the new MAWFIA: Men Ageing Without Family – Invisible and Alienated’;
  • Barbara Dillon on the grief of involuntary childlessness and how coming out of the closet (this year) as a member of the LGBT community is woven into her story;
  • Shona Hookham on being diagnosed with POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency) and facing both the menopause and childlessness in her early twenties;
  • Yvonne John, a licensed Gateway Women workshop facilitator will speak about the experience of involuntary childlessness for black women and women of colour;
  • Dave & Lizzie Lowrie’s interactive seminar on the principals of great storytelling and how to apply them to our lives to help us live a better, more meaningful childless story;
  • Chiara Berardelli’s ‘Seamonster’ – fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, a one-woman music and spoken word performance by the Italian/Scottish singer-songwriter – based on her album ‘Seamonster’ which charts her experience of coming to terms with being childless by circumstance.

Book now – a day pass is £15 – Chester is a beautiful city and you don’t have to get the train to London! And what better way to get ready for the dreaded holiday season than by topping up your inspiration bank and friendship group? Read more about the programme and book here.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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