4 Comments on Growing Older Without the Milestones of Motherhood

  1. OMG! I thought I was nuts (well ok I am a little ;-)) and no one got it. My friends are smart, wonderful,fun, educated women and Mothers. No matter how hard I tried to explain it without sounding like a hater or jealous or bitter, no one seemed to “get it”. Its gotten worse as I’m close to 50. Thank you from my heart. I feel the healing about to take place. Thank you Thank you Thank you

    • Not easy is it? You go through what I can only describe as near insanity. It stays with you forever. It’s facing up to the fact that you are more alone than ever. I never envisaged this. With ageing parents I tried to do the right thing. Through stupidity or fear I ended up childless. . Now I am paying for it. Most of me says I deserve it. You make your bed and you have to lie in it. I don’t like myself much these days. No idea how my partner will put up with things for much longer but there you go. And where I live there is hardly any adoption they prefer to keep kids in the fostering system. Maybe it will get better but at the moment I can’t see it.

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