Karin Enfield de Vries is Gateway Women’s European Lead and she runs a Gateway Women Benelux Meetup, co-facilitates GW Reignite Weekends in London and in 2020 will begin to lead them in both English and Dutch in Holland.

You can go to the Dutch/English language Gateway Women Benelux website at or contact Karin directly (in either English or Dutch) at

To find out more or attend one of Karin’s free monthly meetups in Benelux (they move around between Brussels, Antwerp and Eindhoven) you’ll need first be a member of the free, private Gateway Women Europe Meetup Group which you can access/join here.

Karin also hosts a Dutch-language sub-group within Gateway Women’s Private Online Community which you can access here. (If you are not yet a member of the private online community, this link will take you to sign up page and if you’re not sure what you are joining, the first month is free and you can find out more here.)

The conversation below (in English) has subtitles in Dutch - click on the 'CC' box at the bottom right of the video to turn them on.