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Perhaps one of the hardest (and most unexpected) losses of childlessness is that as well as losing the family we longed for, many of us also lose the vast majority (or even all) of our peer group too. Friendships between mothers and nomos (non-mothers) can be stretched to the limit by the now very different life experiences and priorities, and that’s without adding a toxic brew of resentment, jealousy, envy and grief. It’s time to get a nomo friendship supplement to keep you going as keep you company as you find your identity in a culture that considers childless women as not quite ‘proper’ adults…

To access the GW Meetups below, you’ll need to be a member of (free) and then apply to join the free GW Meetup Group in your country (see countries listed below and click on the link at the head of the list of locations). New memberships have to be approved by us to keep the groups as confidential as possible. All groups are private, not searchable by Google and not accessible by general members of Meetup.

Check the Meetup Group for the most up to date information about current GW Meetups.  If there isn’t a GW Meetup in your area yet, join the Meetup Group for your country and then suggest it to us and we’ll help you get it going:

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women UK & Ireland Meetups
Aberdeen, Bath, Belfast, Birmingham (Central), Bishop’s Stortford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol,  Burton-upon-Trent, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Chester, Chorleywood, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Horsham, Leeds, Liverpool, London (Barnet), London (Dorking), London (Holland Park), London (Islington), London (St Pancras – Kings Cross), London (Kingston), London (Primrose Hill), London (Walthamstow),  London (Wimbledon), Manchester, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Preston, Reading, Sheffield, St Albans,  Swanage, Totnes, Winchester, Windermere, Windsor, Wyre and Fylde,  York…

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women Europe Meetups
CH: Geneva; Luxembourg

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women USA Meetups
AR: Little Rock, AZ: Sedona, AZ: Tucson, CA: Orange County, CA: Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA: Sacramento, CA: San Francisco (Mission), CA: San Francisco (Oakland), CO: Boulder, CO: Denver, CT: New Haven, DC: Washington, FL: Miami, FL: Tampa Bay, GA: Atlanta, IL: Chicago, KS: Lawrence, MA: Boston, MD: Baltimore, MD: Columbia, MO: St Louis, NM: Albuquerque, NYC: Brooklyn, NYC: Downtown, NY: Beacon, OH: Cleveland, OK: Oklahoma City, OR: Portland, PA: Philadelphia, SC: Charleston, TN: Nashville, TX: Austin, TX: Fort Worth, UT: Salt Lake City, VT: Burlington, WA: Seattle…

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women New Zealand Meetups
Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington, Napier, Dunedin

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women Australia Meetups
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Victoria

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women Canada Meetups
Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women South Africa Meetups
Cape Town, Johannesburg

Click here to join/access the Gateway Women India Meetups

And of course, don’t forget our amazing ID-checked, safe, GW private online community, available wherever you are in the world – even the bathroom at work when you need a dose of sanity in a workplace gone gaga over babies!

Click here for a list of all currently scheduled Gateway Women workshops


21 Comments on MEETUPS

  1. Hi. I’ve requested to join the group – have you received it ok? Will I get a notification via email when my application has been approved?

    Rach x

    • Hi Rachel – all done, just approved your membership. We approve all members individually as otherwise we get some inappropriate people joining such as fertility experts and, er, mothers?! So because of that extra process, it can take a few days for new memberships to be approved. Jody x

  2. Hi, I am from Liverpool and I would love to join a getaway women meet up. I do have a meet up app. Please can u let me know how I go about finding the local group. Thanks v much

  3. Hi Jody, Yes I am all sorted now 🙂 Still finding my way around the website and meet up alerts etc.. I tried to plan to attend a couple of meets but different things affected me attending. I have been looking for some kind of connected support around the whole nomo thing etc.. Cheers Julie

    • Please will someone at Gateway Women tell me what is the venue for the Meetup of London North BARNET on Sunday morning the 4 December? I have sent this request several times and am wondering if anyone is receiving them!

      Helen Dymond

      • Hi Helen – I’ve just checked on Meetup and the venue is posted. The fact that you cannot see it would suggest that you are not yet a member of the private Gateway Women Meetup Group. For security and privacy, the full venue details are only visible to members. To join, go to and click ‘ask to join group’. Once your membership has been approved (which is a manual process, and may take a day or so) you will be able to access the full details. We had to do this as we were getting men, mothers and fertility gurus joining the group in the beginning! The Barnet meetup is a lovely group of women (I know some of them personally) so do persevere, and if you have any further difficulty, email us at and we’ll look into it. Hugs, Jody x

  4. I went to a meet up in Sheffield today and on one showed up. Clearly there are no childless people in Sheffield. Just me.

    • Hi Helen – I’m sorry there was no-one there! There are definitely GWs in Sheffield. The best thing to do is to RSVP to the Meetup (which then encourages others to do the same) and then to check BEFORE you leave the house whether others are attending (or have changed their RSVP from attending to not attending). If you were willing to be be made the ‘host’ of the meetup (which means you’d automatically be RSVPed ‘yes’ each month, but oculd manually change it to ‘no’ if you couldn’t attend), you’ll find that more women will show up. It seems nobody wants to the be ‘first one’ to RSVP ‘yes’ and of course NO ONE wants to be there on their own! So sorry that happened to you. Hugs, Jody x
      [PS: If you would indeed like to try being the host for a bit, email and my assistant Helen will sort it out for you)

  5. Hi I requested to join and interested in Meet ups in Manchester, I can’t see any updated or links but I saw a Meet up in Manchester was advertised for Saturday 5th Nov at 11am. Please could admin forward me info.. I did fill in the sign up request although it was a bit glitchy… Thanks Julie

    • Hi Joolzanne – I’m guessing that your membership hadn’t been approved at this point? Our Meetup group is private and every new member is checked to make sure their application is appropriate. Are you sorted now? Hugs, Jody x

    • Hi Josie – there’s a meeting in Birmingham (Harbourne) on the 2nd Saturday of each month; in Birmingham (St Paul’s Square) on the 4th Saturday of each month and in Solihull on the 2nd Saturday of the month. To find out more and to RSVP you’ll need to join the free private Gateway Women UK & Ireland Meetup group – see above for how to do that. And welcome! Jody x

  6. Hi Jody,

    I’m interested in setting up a chapter in Mumbai, India. I haven’t been able to find a gateway group or similar through the meet up site.


      • Hello Jody
        This is Mrs. Meenakshi here.
        Came across this getaways globally there any getaways for women (nomos ) in Mumbai?
        Would love to meet up and get away with these sorrows…atkeats by meeting up with similar situation women.
        Would like to just celebrate life than keep moaning.
        Please reply.
        Thanks and Best Regards

  7. Hi Jody,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to start a meet up group in my City(Calgary)? There currently isn’t one running.


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