June 2019: The Full Stop Podcast Interview – I’m excited to be the first guest (at 34 minutes) on this exciting new podcast created for the childless not by choice community by two women and one man: Berenice Smith (UK): artist, geek and graphic designer and founder of the award-winning Walk in Our Shoes site; Michael Hughes (AUS): one half of the Married and Childless blog from Australia; Sarah Lawrence (UK): founder of After the Storm website and community. This first episode is themed around the issue of ‘Speaking Out’ and the first half of it features candid conversations between the 3 presenters on issues that all of us have probably experienced, or might even be dealing with right now such as: How do we separate our private and work life around childlessness?; What to do about Facebook?; How to maintain (or not) friendships with parents?; Being open about infertility as a man; And more. This is the kind of watercooler chat you can only dream of!! At 34 minutes, I’m interviewed and I speak out my first (and very bruising experience) of going public in The Guardian in 2012 and how that changed my friendships forever as well as what I’ve learned in the last 9 years of speaking out (and why it’s still so important to me to do so). I also share my tips for you if you’re want to find your own way to be more open with those around you. Click here to listen to the Podcast, to read the show notes and subscribe.


Jody Day interviewed on Magnificent Midlife PodcastMarch 2019: Magnificent Midlife Podcast Interview – a short, frank and refreshing interview with me by Rachel Lankaster at Magnificent Midlife. It’s only 30 mins long and we talk about, including other things: how I came to set up Gateway Women 8 years ago; Breaking the taboo of talking about one’s own childlessness; The importance of recognizing the grief associated with being childless not by choice; How change may not always be welcome amongst your friends and family; The importance of finding your sisters when coping with childlessness; Forging a midlife identity that is not wrapped up in motherhood; The confidence and focus that can come in midlife.
You can listen here or on iTunes or Podbean.


August 2018: Click here to listen to this hour-long interview (with music and chat too!) with childless journalist/presenter Bibi Lynch on her ‘Bibi Does Soho’ show on Radio Soho. My interview starts around 9-minutes in and we both talk about what it’s like being ‘out’ in print about our own involuntary childlessness – Bibi has written movingly about her own story in The Guardian.  We also discuss my experience of being childless after abortion, what happens on a Gateway Women Reignite Weekend; how we both feel about labels such as ‘Spinster’ and ‘Career Woman’; why Bibi’s been too scared to start reading my book; about the parallels between the systemic ways that pronatalism and racism both operate; about the novel that I’m writing; about my memories of Soho in the 80s and why Air Hostess Barbie was my favourite toy when I was little! It’s a great interview and I really hope you enjoy it. Bibi and I had a lot of fun!


December 2018: “Reflect & Renew” – a 1-hr webinar This is a recording of my ‘Reflect & Renew’ Webinar from 29th December 2018 in which I talk about the feelings that come up at this ‘in-between’ liminal moment in the year, and how to cope with them. Also questions from viewers on coping with difficult questions, friendships, self-care, grief work, ageing as a childless woman, childlessness in the workplace and more!
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SEPTEMBER 2018: My 30-min ‘Facebook Live’ reflecting on #WorldChildlessWeek 2018 and with appearances by Steph Phillips and Berenice Smith from WCW


SEPTEMBER 2018: ‘Finding Acceptance & Moving Forward’ – a 1-hr webinar for World Childless Week


AUGUST 2018: An in-depth and wide-ranging podcast interview with me by the wonderful Michelle Marie McGrath for her inspiring “Unclassified Women” series. This is the concluding episode of Season 3 – I was also the first interviewee in 2014… a lot has changed for me and in the ‘field’ of childlessness and we discuss a LOT in this interview.
Podcast page with details of the interview. Listen on iTunes or YouTube


JULY 2018: ‘Working Through the Grief of Childlessness’ – a 1-hr webinar for ‘More to Life’
Fertility Network UK – “More to Life” page


JUNE 2018: Podcast interview with Civilla Morgan on her long-running and excellent Childless Not By Choice Podcast. In this interview we go deep and wide, discussing everything from the ‘double whammy’ of being both single and childless not by choice, about how the ‘freedom’ of childlessness that parents envy doesn’t feel like ‘freedom’ at first, and why it might be soooo hard for most mothers to understand and empathize with our experience; about how ‘griefy moments’ can still sneak up on me, even though I’m now totally at peace with my childlessness; about pronatalism, feminism, sexual equality and why perhaps the fetishisation and glorification of motherhood is part of a societal ‘backlash’ against women’s gains towards gender equality; about grief, and how just as perhaps one of the most painful experiences of romantic love is ‘unrequited love’, disenfranchised grief (such as childlessness) is a form of ‘unrequited grief’; about the myth of ‘moving on’ and the myth of ‘fairness’ too. And believe it not, much, much more! Listen here

MAY 2018: A podcast interview with Karen Wilmot, a childless midwife. Although Karen’s usual podcast topics are not relevant to us, this one is – and I hope some of her regular audience listen to it and find out more about our experience for a change – because lordy we get to hear enough about pregnancy and family issues, whether we want to or not! I think I could write a passable parenting book I’ve learned so much from films, TV, friends, family and the media over the years! In this interview, we talk a lot about my story, about the early days of GW and about the pain of not belonging and how to deal with that, as well as the social aspects of the overvaluing of motherhood culturally and how that causes such pain to both childless women and mothers.
Listen to my interview with Karen Wilmot here.


APRIL 2018: A recording of my live webinar and guest conversations for The We Are Worthy Summit on ‘Coping With Other People’

APRIL 2018: A recording of my live webinar and guest conversations for The We Are Worthy Summit on ‘Creating Your Plan B’

MAY 2018: My interview (+ chat + music) with childless writer and journalist @BibiLynch on @RadioSoho. Talking about #PronatalistPrivilege and my memories of Soho in the 80s. A great example of what funny, frank childless women REALLY talk about…




















DECEMBER 2014: The Fertility Podcast Childlessness at Christmas



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  1. Thank you so much for you comment! I am 63 years old and I have no children at all and I started to talk about my situation. And because of your comment I see that I am not alone. Thank you s0 much! It doesn’t change the situation and the depression that often comes along but I see now that I am not alone.

  2. Jody, I am 74 years old and was never able to have children, I have grieved all these years. I love children and I had a day care for many years also did some private care. I’m doing better than what I was, I went into deep depression and my husband could never understand, he had 2 children by his first wife. I’m so glad I found your site. Thank you so much.

    • I was childfree by choice with my husband in 1974, then decided to get pregnant at 31 yo in 1981 for 2 unsuccessful years. Gave up and still married 43 years later. Never ever easy, but so happy I found this group. It’s been a delight.

    • Judith – I’m so glad you found us too. I’ve often heard from women whose partners already have children that they can feel alone in their grief. We have a wonderful private online community too where you can connect with other women who share that experience. Hugs, Jody x

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