[SOLD OUT] USA Reignite Weekend (Colorado): Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October 2017

Heart on Fire Reignite (Boulder)Facilitated by Gateway Women founder, Jody Day

£350 GBP earlybird before 1st September
£375 GBP full price
Book with £100 deposit
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There is life after childlessness, despite what the media, your friends, your mother and your inner bitch would have you believe! A meaningful and fulfilling life that makes sense to you because you custom-made it for yourself.  

This Gateway Women Reignite Weekend is for you if you’re:

  • A woman who wanted to have children but it didn’t work out for any reason: infertility, didn’t meet partner, partner didn’t want (more) children, chronic illness, badly timed breakup, etc, etc… There are so many ways this can happen…
  • Struggling with relationships with friends and family as ‘the odd one out’
  • Wondering where your mojo went and where the hell to start looking for it!
  • Lonely and confused about your place in society when all you can see around you are mothers and families…
  • Knowing that you need to make some changes to your life but feeling too tired, sad & uninspired to know what to try next…
  • Worried about growing old without children…
  • Furious that you ‘did all the right things’ and have ‘ended up’ like this!

Over the course of the Reignite Weekend you will:

  • Unpick the assumptions that the culture has about motherhood (and non-motherhood) and let go of what doesn’t ‘fit’ you.
  • Look at where you are holding onto unhelpful ideas and shame about the the life choices you’ve made (and the non-choices too) which have led you to not having the family you hoped for.
  • Explore and express unresolved grief about your childlessness; grief which our culture neither acknowledges, understands nor allows (and consequently neither do we, sometimes).
  • Re-examine the dreams and goals you had for your life before you became convinced that having a baby was the only thing that mattered.
  • Reignite your passion for your life and and start thinking what your ‘Plan B’ might be for a meaningful and fulfilling future without children.
  • Meet your new tribe – the wonderful, powerful, wise and funny nomos (not-mothers). There are more of us than you realise and we’re not the bunch of ‘weeping weirdoes’ you might fear! In fact, we’re a pretty amazing and courageous bunch of women…

Your Reignite Weekend will be facilitated by Jody Day, the British founder of Gateway Women. Jody is a soon to be qualified integrative psychotherapist and the creator of the Reignite Weekend, which she has been running in the UK, USA and Ireland for 6 years. Having worked with over a thousand women either in workshops or on a one-to-one basis, and with her work having a global reach of over 2 million women across the English-speaking world, she is considered the global thought leader in working with the issue of involuntary childlessness. Her book, Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfilling Future without Children regularly come top of its category on Amazon and is now available in US and Canadian bookstores. In March 2017 she was invited to give a TEDx talk in the UK titled ‘The Lost Tribe of Childless Women’ and on October 5th and 6th she is a keynote speaker at the 2nd International NotMom Summit taking place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Square - Jody Day at her book launch, November 2013 CREDIT Simon FaircloughAs Jody writes: I really look forward to welcoming you to this very special Reignite Weekend taking place in the spectacular surroundings of Nederland, in the Boulder Valley. It has always been a dream of mine to come to Colorado and I really hope that the serene natural setting of this workshop will add to the feeling of magic that often unfolds during the Reignite Weekends. I’ve been leading this process for six years now and it never fails to move me to see the shifts and releases that happen over the course of this weekend, and the connections forged that can mark the beginning of meaningful new friendships. This isn’t one of those workshops that you do and then forget about – it’s your initiation into taking up your rightful space as in the world as a childless woman, and your introduction to a new peer group to support you and cheerlead you as you do. I can’t wait to meet you!

After the workshop and into the future

The bonds that are made during the Reignite Weekend are very special and most women wish to take those friendships forward as they integrate the learning and healing from the weekend into their daily lives. As many of us have experienced, one of the unexpected and unsettling side effects of unchosen childlessness is that we may lose the easy connection we once had with a large part of our peer group as our friends move to a country called ‘motherhood’ where we can’t follow and will never fully speak the language. Having new Nomo (not-mother) friends to plug the gap can make coping with our situation not only more tolerable, but actually fun again! It also makes it easier to keep our friendships going with those friends who have kids because we’re not so bent out of shape with a combination of resentment, jealousy and boredom around them… As your Reignite Weekend draws to a close, Jody will facilitate ways to organise ongoing contact with each other, should you wish that.

Our workshop venue and mountain view in funky Nederland
Our workshop venue and mountain view in funky Nederland

More details and to book

  • Facilitator: Jody Day, founder of Gateway Women
  • When: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th October, 2017
  • Times: 9.30am – 5pm both days
  • Cost: [Your currency will automatically convert when you book]
    £350 GBP Earlybird (by 1st September), £375 GBP full price after. Places are bookable with £100 GBP deposit (which also reserves the Earlybird price, if received on or before 1st September). All balances due on/before 1st September. Payment by debit or credit card via PayPal or Stripe. You will get all options and automatic currency conversion when you book.
  • Lunch & Breaks: Each day we take a morning and afternoon coffee break of 15 minutes, and a 1 hour lunch break. Lunch and beverages will be provided. You will have a chance to indicate your dietary preferences on the application form.
  • Where: The workshop takes place in a private home on Big Springs Drive, Nederland, nr Boulder, Colorado. Spacious, private and with serene mountain views and not far from downtown. Nederland is a funky little mountain town with a quirky vibe and great coffee shops. The street address will be released closer to the event in order to protect the hosts privacy. It is a 30-minute Uber ride from downtown Boulder and we are planning to organise car-pooling to save on costs, should you be wish.
  • Directions & Parking: There is space for several cars to park on the property. Driving directions will be given if you wish to drive.
  • Accommodation:
    As it’s peak leaf-peeping season, the Nederland and Boulder area is very busy. We recommend that you book accommodation as soon as possible in either Nederland or nearby Boulder. There is one ski lodge style hotel in Nederland, The Boulder Creek Lodge, that we’ve arranged a discounted rate with of $120 / night (this is a $10 saving). Ask for the ‘GW Reignite Weekend’ group offer when you book. Boulder Creek Lodge is an 11-minute walk to the workshop venue and has free guest parking and breakfast. There are single and double rooms, and one shared room with 4 beds in it so if you’d like to share with other women attending the workshop, this will be a great way to get to know each other! There are also several affordable AirBnB options in Nederland
  • How to book for the workshop: Click here to book
  • How Many Women: In order to create an intimate and safe atmosphere, the workshop is restricted to 20 women only.
  • Who is the Reignite Weekend for? Women of any age, partnered or solo, who wanted to have children and for some reason, it didn’t work out. If you’re keen to move forward and create a meaningful and fulfilling life without biological children, it’s for you.
  • Cancellation Policy: You may cancel and request a full refund before 1st September. After that date, we can only refund your payments (minus your deposit) if we can resell your spot. As there is often a waiting list for these workshops, that is usually possible. If you reserve accommodation and have to cancel you may incur cancellation fees for that which we can’t help you with.
  • Any logistical questions: booking, payment, directions, accommodation, etc, please contact helen@gateway-women.com
  • Any other questions such as the content of the workshop, whether it’s right for you, nervousness, etc, please contact Jody on private@gateway-women.com

Some feedback from women who’ve taken part in previous Reignite Weekends:

It was such a supportive and brilliant course – so great to meet and share time with other Gateway Women, and it allowed me to challenge myself and see my way forward to my Plan B.  (Tilly, 48)

I can’t describe the massively positive effect finding GW and attending a Reignite Weekend has had on my outlook, my life, my relationships, my ability to smile at babies and their mothers again! (Kate, 43)

After getting to a very low point I thought I’d try the workshop. It was a great weekend. Just having the chance to think and explore my feelings with likeminded people was so helpful. (Leila, 39)

The course was excellent; well structured, clear and relevant and which helped me to understand the trauma I’ve been struggling though after finding out that we can’t have children. I met some amazing women on the course whose stories of facing difficulties with so much dignity and courage will stay with me. Thank you for giving me hope. (Janet, 47)

I attended the Reignite Weekend and I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you are feeling unsure about whether to go, I would say definitely do it. You will be in safe hands and in a very safe environment, sharing with other Gateway Women really helps and the exercises really get you thinking – in a good way. (Laura, 42)

I have been stuck in grief for a long time that hasn’t been shifting. [The weekend] helped me to understand exactly what I was feeling and why.  Home now – I feel lighter, more positive and more gentle inside than I have felt for ages (Becky, 52)

It was amazing to realise I wasn’t alone, other women shared the pain, anguish, fear that I did, each with their unique story and each wanting their life to move on, but not sure how or where.  I took the plunge and signed up for the workshop not knowing what to expect, or if it “was my sort of thing” – and it was the best thing I could have done. (Kristian, 42)

I attended this weekend with some ‘butterflies’ but it’s ended up being one of the best things I could have done. I’m more equipped than before I attended the event for moving on and getting to grips with my plan B. Best thing though was meeting the other Gateway Women and seeing I’m not alone… (Faye, 41)

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