Canadian resources

  • Femme Sans Enfant (French Canada)
    Blogs, articles and video interviews with childless and childfree women (and men) across the Francophone world. Started by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle who is childless due to early menopause (age 14), it won in the 2014 ‘Activism and Social Justice’ category in Canada’s ‘Schmutzie’ Weblog Awards. Also a Meetup group. 
  • Femme Sans Enfant Meetup Group (Montreal, Canada)
    A French-speaking Meetup group organised and run by Catherine-Emmanuelle Delisle of ‘Femme Sans Enfant’
  • Gateway Women English-speaking Canada Meetup Group
    Free, private social Meetup group for towns and cities across Canada. To join, first join (if you’re not already a member) and then follow the link below to apply for membership of the Gateway Women Meetup group.
  • Mothering Your Heart (English speaking Canada / Global)
    Email programme and group for support after infertility and baby loss. Based in Canada but with global access.
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