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Welcome to the Gateway Women Private Online Community on G+ (or GW+ for short!)

To sign up for the free month’s trial, you’ll need the following before you get started and then follow the 3 steps below:

  • A PayPal account (this is a free online payment system that is very easy to setup and which will enable you to pay using your bank account, debit card or credit card) If you don’t want to set up a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal – it will take the payment from your credit card.
    Click here for FAQ about payment methods

Step 1: Choose your subscription options via the PayPal drop-down box on this page

  • Your first month’s subscription is free, to give you a chance to find out if this is right for you. When your trial month completes, PayPal will automatically take the first payment. Because you are not billed for the first month, your PayPal confirmation email will show that you have been billed “0.00”. You can cancel your subscription at any time via PayPal. Charges are listed in GBP and PayPal will convert them into your currency automatically
  • If you’re not sure what your “Google+ User Name” is, log into your G+ account (via your email) and click on your own picture in the top right hand corner. The “name” associated with that picture is your “Google+ User Name”. It’s probably just your first and second name, but some members prefer to change their second name to an initial, or their first name to a nickname, to make their profile a little less recognisable. Your G+ User Name will be your user name in the GW+ CommunityFor more details about privacy, read our FAQs

The subscription options are:

      • Monthly Subscription: £5 GBP + £2 GBP admin charge = £7 GBP
      • Monthly +1 Subscription (to also donate a membership): £10 + £2 admin charge = £12 GBP
      • Annual Subscription: £60 GBP (includes admin charge)
      • Annual + 1 Subscription (to also donate a membership): £120 GBP (includes admin charge)

Subscription Options
Your EXACT Google+ User Name
Your Gmail email address

Step 2: Complete the membership application form with your personal details and ID

    • If the end of the PayPal process did not direct you towards the MailChimp sign up form to enter your personal membership details, please follow this link to fill in your membership application form. It is hosted by MailChimp and is 100% confidential.
    • Before you start to fill in your application form check that you understand how to provide an ID (it can take extra time to process your application if we need to contact you about this) Click here for FAQ about what to do if you don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn, or need help in finding the correct link If you are still not sure then email and we will do our best to help
    • This data is used to help work out your needs and to help to suggest meetups and events that might be close to you geographically, or who may be dealing with similar issues, or in a similar age bracket.
    • All information is collected and secured as required by the UK Data Protection Act.

Step 3: Your membership application and ID will be checked within 24-48 hours (during exceptionally busy times it make take up to 72 hours)

    • Your application will be personally reviewed and your ID checked by Gateway Women as soon as possible – nearly always within 36 hours, often much quicker.
    • As soon as your membership has been approved, you will be able to access the GW+ Community using this link (click ‘ask to join’ and if your membership has been approved, it will take you straight into the private area). We will also email you personally to let you know that your membership has been approved and your trial month has started. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly, supportive, funny, wise, caring, kickass global community of childless-by-circumstance sisters!

Any problems, check the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page here and if that doesn’t help,
email us at