The Reignite Weekend (London/Herts: Kings Langley): Sat 12th & Sun 13th May 2018


£295 Earlybird before 24th March 2018
£350 after that date
Book with a £125 deposit
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There is life after childlessness, despite what the media, your friends, your mother and your inner bitch would have you believe! A meaningful and fulfilling life that makes sense to you because you custom-made it for yourself.  

This Gateway Women Reignite Weekend is for you if you’re:

  • A woman who wanted to have children but it didn’t work out for any reason: infertility, didn’t meet partner, partner didn’t want (more) children, chronic illness, badly timed breakup, etc, etc… There are so many ways this can happen…
  • Struggling with relationships with friends and family as ‘the odd one out’
  • Wondering where your mojo went and where the hell to start looking for it!
  • Lonely and confused about your place in society when all you can see around you are mothers and families…
  • Knowing that you need to make some changes to your life but feeling too tired, sad & uninspired to know what to try next…
  • Worried about growing old without children…
  • Furious that you ‘did all the right things’ and have ‘ended up’ like this!

This Reignite Weekend is led by Lauren de Vere, who has been trained personally by Jody Day, the founder of Gateway Women.

Lauren de Vere is 54 years young, currently single and lives with her cat, Mr Marvo, in Greater London. A solicitor by training, Lauren has undertaken in-depth personal development to heal from the wounds of a difficult childhood, including attending and then facilitating the The Essence Process. She first came across Gateway Women several years ago via a Google Search, desperate to understand whether her struggle to recover from involuntary childlessness and a failed adoption process was unique to her and/or if she was going crazy. Through Gateway Women she found a hugely supportive network of other women in the same boat and has been active both at a local level with GW Meetups in Chorleywood, as well as attending Gateway Women’s 2017 year long Plan B Mentorship Programme. Lauren has a special interest in supporting those women who have also had a challenging childhood, one that has coloured their lives and been a contributing factor in their childlessness

As Lauren writes: “Without wishing to sound overly dramatic, Gateway Women saved me from myself.  Before I became involved in Gateway Women, I think I had unconsciously zoned out of life as some kind of coping mechanism. I lacked direction and not being a mother, felt somewhat of an outsider in social situations. The combined wisdom of Jody and the unending support from the Sisterhood that is Gateway Women gave me the courage to dive deeper into why and how I’d zoned out.   From that understanding, my life shifted back into gear. Today, I feel more alive than I’ve felt for a very long time, and my Plan B is well and truly kicking!  My passion for running the Reignite Weekend stems from wanting to give other childless women the safe, non judgmental space that I experienced, from which they can begin to emerge from wherever they’ve been in their childless journey, and be daring enough  to see how their Plan B could take shape.”

 Over the course of the Reignite Weekend you will:

  • Unpick the assumptions that the culture has about motherhood (and non-motherhood) and let go of what doesn’t ‘fit’ you.
  • Look at where you are holding onto unhelpful ideas and shame about the the life choices you’ve made (and the non-choices too) which have led you to ‘ending up’ without the family you hoped for.
  • Explore and express unresolved grief about your childlessness; grief which our culture neither acknowledges, understands nor allows (and consequently neither do we, sometimes).
  • Reexamine the dreams and goals you had for your life before you became convinced that having a baby was  the only thing that mattered.
  • Reignite your passion for your life, and and start thinking what your ‘Plan B’ might be for a meaningful and fulfilling life without children.
  • Meet your new tribe – the wonderful, powerful, wise and funny Nomos (not-mothers). There are more of us than you realise and we’re not the bunch of ‘weeping weirdoes’ you might fear! In fact, we’re a pretty amazing and courageous bunch of women…
The Kings Langley Meeting Rooms in historic and quaint Kings Langley is the setting for our weekend together
The Kings Langley Meeting Rooms in historic and quaint Kings Langley is the setting for our weekend together

After the workshop and into the future

The bonds that are made during the Reignite Weekend are very special and most women wish to take those friendships forward as they integrate the learning and healing from the weekend into their daily lives. As many of us have experienced, one of the unexpected and unsettling side effects of unchosen childlessness is that we may lose the easy connection we once had with a large part of our peer group as our friends move to a country called ‘motherhood’ where we can’t follow and will never fully speak the language. Having new Nomo (not-mother) friends to plug the gap can make coping with our situation not only more tolerable, but actually fun again! It also makes it easier to keep our friendships going with our ‘mum friends’ because we’re not so bent out of shape with a combination of resentment, jealousy and boredom around them…  As the weekend draws to a close, Gen will facilitate ways to organise ongoing contact with each other, should you wish that.

More details and to book

  • When: Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th May 2018
  • Times: 9.30am – 5pm
  • Cost: £295 Earlybird (by 24th March), £350 full price after. Places bookable with £125 deposit (which also reserves the Earlybird price). All balances due on/before 7th April. Once you have reserved your place, Lauren will be in touch to arrange your payment method;  either PayPal or direct bank transfer, and if you wished to arrange a payment plan, you could discuss it at this point. If you wish to contact Lauren about payment methods please email her directly at
  • Lunch & Breaks: Lunch will roughly 1-2pm both days and is not provided but you can either bring a packed lunch or there are plenty of cafes a 5-minute walk away. We’ll also take a morning and afternoon break of 15 mins and coffee/tea/water is provided.
  • Where: Our workshop takes places in the serene and historic Kings Langley Meeting Rooms, Meeting Rooms at Kings Langley, 36 Langley Hill, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 9HE. Tel: 01923 400483 Find out more here:
  • About Kings Langley: Kings Langley is a historic English village in Hertfordshire, 21 miles northwest of central London. It was once the location of a royal place and the 12th century church houses the tomb of Edmund of Langley, the first Duke of York. It is 2 miles south of Hemel Hempstead and 2 miles north of Watford. With amazing transport connections due to its Roman, then Royal, then industrial connections, the village has a thriving heart, plenty of cute places to eat and a laid back and slightly alternative vibe. The venue is 5 minutes walk from shops and restaurants in the old historic centre.
  • Getting there & Parking
    Kings Langley Meeting Rooms, 36 Langley Hill, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 9HE
    Train: Kings Langley train station connects half-hourly with London Euston (27 minute journey) and also to Tring, Milton Keynes, Birmingham New Street and Coventry. The station is 15 mins walk from the venue.
    Taxis: Uber is in operation in Kings Langley. Alternatively a local taxi can be booked online at
    Driving: Kings Langley is just off Junction 20 of the M25 and easily accessible. There is plenty of free on-street parking outside the workshop venue.
  • Accommodation: Rooms are available in local homes within walking distance of the venue through AirBnb for between £32-£70; there is a Premier Inn in Kings Langley @ £55 per night within walking distance, and a short drive/taxi away is the Hunton Park country house hotel with rooms starting at £109
  • How to book: click here to book
  • How Many Women: In order to create an intimate and safe atmosphere, the workshop is restricted to 12 women only.
  • Who is the Reignite Weekend for? Women of any age, partnered or solo, who wanted to have children and for some reason, it didn’t work out. If you’re keen to move forward and create a meaningful and fulfilling life without biological children, it’s for you.
  • What is the cancellation policy? Your £125 deposit is non refundable.  If you cancel prior to 24th March you may request a refund of any payments made (minus your deposit).  After that date, we can only refund your payments (minus your deposit) if we can resell your spot.
  • Any other questions please contact Lauren de Vere directly: Alternatively, you can contact GWs Community Manager, Helen: or Jody herself on

Some feedback from women who’ve taken part in previous Reignite Weekends:

It was such a supportive and brilliant course – so great to meet and share time with other Gateway Women, and it allowed me to challenge myself and see my way forward to my Plan B.  (Tilly, 48)

I can’t describe the massively positive effect finding GW and attending a Reignite Weekend has had on my outlook, my life, my relationships, my ability to smile at babies and their mums again! (Kate, 43)

After getting to a very low point I thought I’d try the workshop. It was a great weekend. Just having the chance to think and explore my feelings with likeminded people was so helpful. (Leila, 39)

The course was excellent; well structured, clear and relevant and which helped me to understand the trauma I’ve been struggling though after finding out that we can’t have children. I met some amazing women on the course whose stories of facing difficulties with so much dignity and courage will stay with me. Thank you for giving me hope. (Janet, 47)

I attended the Reignite Weekend and I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you are feeling unsure about whether to go, I would say definitely do it. You will be in safe hands and in a very safe environment, sharing with other Gateway Women really helps and the exercises really get you thinking – in a good way. (Laura, 42)

I have been stuck in grief for a long time that hasn’t been shifting. [The weekend] helped me to understand exactly what I was feeling and why.  Home now – I feel lighter, more positive and more gentle inside than I have felt for ages (Becky, 52)

It was amazing to realise I wasn’t alone, other women shared the pain, anguish, fear that I did, each with their unique story and each wanting their life to move on, but not sure how or where.  I took the plunge and signed up for the workshop not knowing what to expect, or if it “was my sort of thing” – and it was the best thing I could have done. (Kristian, 42)

I attended this weekend with some ‘butterflies’ but it’s ended up being one of the best things I could have done. I’m more equipped than before I attended the event for moving on and getting to grips with my plan B. Best thing though was meeting the other Gateway Women and seeing I’m not alone… (Faye, 41)

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